Athena SWAN Gender Equity Survey: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this survey just for women?



No, the survey is for all staff at UNSW. Gender equity concerns everyone, not just women.     
  • As a professional staff member, can I complete this survey?
Absolutely! The survey is intended for all staff currently employed at UNSW, professional and academic.  
  • I am based in Arts, do I need to complete this survey?
The survey is open to staff across all disciplines within the University, including Humanities and Arts, as we as STEMM disciplines.  
  • Are my answers confidential?
Yes. All of your answers are completely anonymous and at no time will your contact details be collected nor will any information you provide be identifiable. The survey has received approval from the UNSW Human Research Ethics Advisory Panel [insert approval number].  
  • I cannot get the link to work properly, who should I contact?
For all technical difficulties, contact Cindy Leung: ph. 8875 2802 or    
  • Is the survey compulsory?
No, you do not have to complete the survey if you do not want to. You may also change your mind at any time, even if you have started. The more staff who participate however, the more valid and reliable the results of the survey will be.  
  • What if I don't have an opinion about a particular question?
If you do not have a strong opinion please use the Neither Disagree or Agree (3) category rather than leaving the question blank. This is important to ensure the reliability of the data collected.  
  • Why are you collecting all these personal demographic details about me?
The demographics tell us important information about participants that allow us to do more in-depth and meaningful analysis of the data. The demographics section of the survey is however not compulsory; if there are any questions you feel uncomfortable answering you can skip these. Please remember that all data collected is completely anonymous, and at no time will your responses be linked to you. The project team will not have access to your personal details at any time either.  
  • Will I get a copy of the results?
A summary report of the results will be available via the Workplace Diversity website within a month of the survey close.  
  • I have some further questions, who can I speak to?
Contact Vanessa Traynor: ph. 9385 8304 or