Gender Equity Survey Results

Thank you to all the staff who participated in the Athena SWAN Gender Equity Survey!
The survey was conducted over three weeks in March 2017 and was the first comprehensive survey of UNSW employees' opinions and experiences in relation to gender equity in the workplace. Over 1400 completed surveys were recieved from a total pool of 6000 continuing and fixed term staff invited to participate.
Areas of strength identified by participating staff included:
  • A high level of pride in UNSW as a workplace
  • Supervisor support of gender equality and valuing of diversity
  • The use of visible female role models
  • UNSW’s firm stance on sex-based harassment
  • Provision of clear and well known promotion processes and procedures
 Areas for improvement identified by participating staff included:
  • Ensuring workplace policies effectively prevent gender-based discrimination.
  • Increased and proactive encouragement and support for staff in the areas of promotion and career development (including training that is tailored to staff’s needs).
  • Improved communication about the range of provisions available to staff with caring responsibilities, including flexible work arrangements.
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