Parental Leave

To assist staff with their caring responsibilities, UNSW offers a range of parental leave options. These are set out in Clause 39.5 of the University of New South Wales (Professional Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2018 and Clause 33.5 of the the University of New South Wales (Academic Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2018

UNSW Parenting Booklet


The UNSW Parenting Booklet includes information on staff entitlements, applying for leave, when to notify your supervisor, staying connected and the support offered by the University before, during and after your leave. Where possible, hyperlinks have been included to take you directly to sites where you can find out more information.

Staff taking Parental Leave - remember that you must:
  • notify your Supervisor no later than 10 weeks
    prior to your leave start date; and
  • submit a Parental Leave Application no later
    than four weeks prior to your leave start date.

Primary Carer Leave

In 2017, UNSW introduced Primary Carer Leave. Eligible employees who are the parent of a child and who are not entitled to UNSW's Maternity Leave may access paid parental leave in circumstances where they are the primary carer. Learn more about Primary Carer Leave.

Parental Leave Checklists

Preparing for the arrival of a baby is an exciting time but it can also be stressful with so many changes taking place. UNSW has a range of policies and programs to support staff with parenting responsibilities. UNSW has developed a Parental Leave Checklist for Staff and a Parental Leave Checklist for Supervisors to provide an overview of parental leave entitlements, preparations, procedures and policies for academic and professional staff at UNSW.

Sharing leave with your partner

Paid parental leave may be shared if both parents work at UNSW. Paid parental leave includes maternity leave, adoption leave, foster parent leave, partner leave and grandparent leave.  If you do decide to share leave with your partner, your paid parental leave entitlement will be reduced by any period of paid parental leave taken by your partner.
If you wish to share any form of paid parental leave with your partner, please state this in your application, indicating the type of leave and period of leave to be taken by your partner.