Study and Cultural Leave

Study and Examination Leave

Professional staff can request study leave for a program of study that has direct relevance to their position.  For each hour of class contact (or equivalent distance education), you are able to take half an hour of study leave for a maximum of 4 hours per week. Additional time off may be granted to enable you to attend examinations. For further information please refer to Clause 44.0 of the UNSW Australia (Professional Staff) Enterprise Agreement.  

Community and Culture Leave

UNSW is committed to supporting the cultural and/or religious needs of staff and understands that there may be occasions when staff need extra flexibility to meet these commitments. Staff may also be involved in community service. For example, the cultural/ceremonial obligations of indigenous staff, volunteer activities such as Fire Fighting and State Emergency Services (SES) and Defence Force commitments.

Equalisation of Salary

Equalisation of Salary provides for employees to take additional periods of leave during the year and to have their salary equalised over the entire year.  It may assist employees with carers responsibilities who require additional leave to care for elderly or disabled family members. For futher information please refer to the UNSW Australia Enterprise Agreements: Acacademic Staff (Clause 14.0) or Professional Staff (Clause 15.0).