Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The University's focus areas

UNSW is committed to driving a range of initiatives that support:

Activities and practice

  • Paid Parental Leave (including up to 36 weeks paid maternity leave), Partner Leave, Carer's Leave and Domestic Violence Leave (see below) may be accessed by eligible University staff. These provisions are set out in the Professional and Academic Staff Enterprise Agreements.
  • UNSW is committed to doing all that is possible to support staff who experience domestic violence. The University's Domestic Violence Support Policy and Domestic Violence Support Procedure include a comprehensive list of support available to staff, including 10 days paid domestic violence leave.
  • The Vice-Chancellor's Childcare Support Fund helps women researchers with childcare responsibilities present their research at conferences and workshops. If you wish to apply, complete an Application Form and submit as directed. Successful applicants will have to complete and submit a Grant Acquittal Form post-travel for funds to be release.
  • The Career Advancement Fund assists female academics to re-establish their careers after returning from a period of maternity leave.
  • UNSW owns and operates four early learning centres: House at Pooh Corner, Kanga's House, Tigger's Honeypot and Owl's House. More information.
  • The UNSW Parenting Booklet provides an overview of parental leave entitlements, procedures and policies for academic and professional staff at UNSW.
  • UNSW is an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace with parents' rooms on the Kensington campus and at UNSW Canberra.
  • The University's Balance@UNSW website provides comprehensive information on flexible work, early education and care (childcare), breastfeeding on campus, carers' responsibilites and leave options.
  • The Academic Women in Leadership (AWIL) Program has been run annually since 2006 to train and develop the leadership qualities of high potential academic women. In 2014, the University introduced the Professional Women in Leadership (PWIL) Program to improve leadership and operational capabilities of high potential female professional staff at Levels 8 and 9.
  • Academic Promotions Workshops are run four times per year. Initially a female only program, it has now been extended to all staff.
  • In 2013, the University established the Senior Women's Network lead by UNSW Deputy Chancellor Jillian Segal AM to provide networking opportunities for senior academic and professional women.
  • The Women in Research Network and Early Career Academic Network are vibrant networking groups that meet regularly to discuss career-related issues.
  • UNSW's Reasonable Adjustment Guidelines are designed to support current and prospective staff with disability who require reasonable adjustments at work.
  • The University's Disability Travel Assistance Fund supports Academic staff with disability to travel on UNSW business by providing a contribution to additional expenses that are incurred. Download the Application Form.
  • UNSW's Learning & Teaching Unit provide Inclusive Teaching Practice resources to help staff better understand and incorporate diverse perspectives, including international perspectives, into teaching.
  • The Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice (CDIP) toolkit is a website that gives practical guidance for staff to ensure interactions with other staff and students are culturally inclusive.
  • UNSW supports the Racism. It Stops With Me. campaign initiated by the Australian Human Rights Commission. The campaign encourages people to reflect on what they can do to counter racism.
  • For information on UNSW's Indigenous Programs, please visit the Nura Gili website.