A Day in the Life of Ashley Milosavljevic

Active. Driven. Connected.

I began working at UNSW in 2010 on a six month contract in the Graduations Department. Six years later I am still here and recently joined the Office of the Vice President, Finance and Operations, where no two days are the same and I love the daily challenges and interesting scenarios that I face on an hourly basis.

Prior to moving to Sydney in 2009, I was working in a PR agency in Dublin managing events and communications campaigns for clients. Since moving overseas I’ve transitioned to general management roles.

It’s an interesting time for women at UNSW - there are lots of exciting opportunities to support women with their careers. Last year I took part in the Professional Women in Leadership Program. This program not only provided a unique experience to work through the program with 19 other inspirational women but it also helped me to better understand my personal capacity and strengths as a leader. We all shared one particular goal which was to inspire others and make a positive difference in the work we do.

Ashley: I've always believed in following dreams,
thinking big and ensuring that you are doing what makes you happy!