Online Unconscious Bias Training

As we go about our work and personal lives, our brains store part of what we learn in long-term memory. This forms our 'unconscious knowledge', which makes up
a major part of our everyday thought processes.

This knowledge that we accumulate over your lifetime, making it hard to change, and it is what forms our unconscious biases. These biases have the potential to influence our attitudes, which can affect how we respond to situations and how we relate to those around us.

The mystery of the unconscious is just that - we simply aren't conscious of it. This means that our decisions can unknowingly be biased by our unconscious knowledge, and that is not good for decision making, or for people.

This is because our unconscious knowledge often doesn't reflect available information and therefore don't accurately represent the challenges confronting us. Leading us to make inaccurate judgements about people, problems and situations.

We are at our most vulnerable to our unconscious biases in bias hotspots - these are tasks and situations in which our reliance on unconscious knowledge is at its highest and we therefore have the greatest risk of being lead to making inaccurate judgements.

By learning more about the basis of your judgements, your unconscious knowledge, how to identify bias hotspots, and what strategies can be employed to mitigate bias, you can become more attuned to unconscious bias at play, and be better equipped to minimise its impacts - personally and professionally.

UNSW has licensed access to the Cognicity® Unconscious Knowledge and Bias Solution™ - an online learning experience and practical toolkit where you can learn about your unconscious knowledge and biases and discover strategies to minimise their impact on your decision-making. It has been designed to allow self-paced learning, but the program you have been provided access to will take around 2 hours to complete in full. You will find instructions on how to access Cognicity below, please set aside some time to read through all of them carefully.

Unconscious bias e-learning

The program consists of the following components:
  • Three Academy 30 minute e-learning units, covering:
    1. How we think
    2. A closer look at unconscious bias
    3. Strategies for mitigating bias
  • Several Labs - Unconscious Knowledge Assessment modules (10 minutes each)
  • An optional Lab - Demographic Questionnaire (10 minutes)
You will also be provided with the following resources:
  • Unconscious Knowledge Report - a takeaway report with the results of your Unconscious Knowledge Assessments in an easy to digest format.
  • Toolkit - refer back to key insights at any time with your own handy guide.
  • Action Plan - an interactive document to help you use your newfound knowledge to design the master plan for mitigating bias in your workplace.


UNSW staff can register for access using their University email address - click here to register