Promotion to Associate Professor

2017 Round

Please note that the 2017 round will be officially opened in early March 2017.


Applicants should read the Information Booklet before completing the relevant application forms.


Applicants are advised to consult extensively with their Head of School and Dean before submitting an application.  To ensure that optimum advice has been received regarding documentation of their case, applicants are asked to submit a final draft copy of their application to their Head of School and Dean prior to submitting an application. Promotion applications will be assessed entirely on merit. No late applictions will be accepted.


Applications must be lodged with the Dean's Unit by Monday 15 May. Interviews for promotion to Associate Professor will be held between 3 July - 21 July.


An Information Session has been organised by Human Resources to assist potential applicants with the promotion process. This Information Session will be held on Friday 17 March from 9.00am - 3.30pm in the Council Chamber.  The full program of workshops organised by Human Resources to assist applicants is shown below.





Date Event Venue Time
15 May 2017 Application to be submitted to the Dean's unit    
3 Jul - 21 Jul 2017 Faculty Promotion Committee meetings Respective Faculties TBA
7 Sept 2017 University Promotions Committee Council Chamber 9.00am-4.00pm
1 Jan 2018 Effective date of Promotion    





Information Sessions & Workshops

To register for any of these sessions, log into myUNSW, go to 'training registration' on the 'my staff profile' page and select 'academic promotion' from the course type drop down box.


Date Event Venue Time
Jan 2017 Information & guidelines booklet available on HR website    
17 Mar 2017 General information session Council Chamber 9.00am-3.30pm
21 Apr 2017 Writing your application Council Chamber 9.00am-1.00pm
26 May 2017 Interview skills workshop Council Chamber 10.00am-12.30pm
29 Jun & 30 Jun 2017 Mock interviews

Committee room 1,

The Chancellery




2016 Successful Applicants

The Vice-President and Senoir Deputy Vice-Chancellor APPROVES that the following members of staff be promoted to Associate Professor with effect from 1 January 2017.


Dr Till Boecking

School of Medical Sciences

Dr Stephen Bremner School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering
Dr Tania Bucic School of Marketing
Dr Philip Chung School of Law
Dr William Cornwell School of Biogical, Earth and Enviromental Sciences
Dr Adelle Coster School of Mathematics and Statistics
Dr Therese Cumming School of Education
Dr Paul Dawson School of the Arts and Media
Dr Kim Delbaere Neuroscience Research Australia
Dr Vinayak Dixit School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr Isabella Dobrescu School of Economics
Dr Thomas Fath

School of Medical Sciences

Dr William Felps School of Management
Dr William Glamore School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr Ben Golder School of Law
Dr Donna Green School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Dr Hoon Han

School of Architecture and Design

Dr Kerry Humphreys School of Accounting
Dr Katherine Kasmarik School of Engineering and Information Technology, UNSW Canberra
Dr Mike Le Pelley School of Psychology
Dr Tao Liu Childrens Cancer Instiute Australia
Dr Jaco Lok School of Management
Dr Megan Lord Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
Dr Fabio Luciani School of Medical Sciences
Dr Christopher Marquis School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
Dr Dane McCamey School of Physics
Dr Timothy Mercer

St Vincent's Clinical School

Dr Alberto Motta School of Economics
Dr Christy Newman Centre for Social Research in Health
Dr Nicola Newton National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
Dr Robert Niven School of Engineering and Information Technology, UNSW Canberra
Dr Nalini Pather School of Medical Sciences
Dr Phoebe Phillips Prince of Wales Clinical School
Dr Susan Rees School of Psychiatry
Dr Daniel Robinson School of Humanities and Lanuages
Dr Michael Ryan School of Engineering and Information Technology, UNSW Canberra
Dr Cathy Sherry School of Law
Dr Alexander Swarbrick St Vincent's Clinical School
Dr Elizabeth Thurbon School of Social Sciences
Dr kylie valentine Social Policy Research Centre
Dr Hamid Vali pour Goudarzi School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr Thom van Dooren School of Humanities and Languages
Dr Haiquing Yu School of Hamanities and Languages
Dr Thomas Whitford School of Psychology
Dr James Wood School of Public Health and Community Medicine
Dr Lu Wang School of Management
Dr Iryna Zablotska-Manos The Kirby Institute
Dr Jian Zhang School of Humanities and Social Sciences, UNSW Canberra




David Gleeson
Academic Promotions Manager
Phone 9385 2716
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