Promotion to Lecturer

2017 Round

Please note that the 2017 promotion round will be officially opened in June, 2017.

Applications for promotion to Lecturer and equivalent Academic Research staff (Level B) must be submitted by 21 August 2017. Please see the Shedule below for timelines for the 2017 Promotion to Lecturer Round.





Date Event Venue Time
Jan 2017 Information & guidelines booklet available on HR website  
21 Aug 2017 Application to be submitted to the Dean's unit    
Faculty decides Faculty Promotion Committee meetings Respective Faculties TBA
1 Jan 2018 Effective date of promotion    



Information Sessions & Workshops

Please note that no formal information sessions or other workshops are specifically organised for Level B applicants. Level B applicants are most welcome to attend any of the sessions organised for level C applicants. To view Level C workshops click here.

2016 Successful Applicants

The following members of the academic staff were promoted to Lecturer with effect from 1 January 2017:


Dr Ali Amin  School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr Michael Bertoldo  School of Women and Children's Health
Dr Megan Blaxland  Social Policy Research Centre
Dr Toby Boyson  School of Engineering and Information Technology, UNSW Canberra
Dr Laura Bradfiled  School of Psychology
Dr Nady Braidy  School of Psychiarty
Dr Frances Byrne  School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
Dr Blake Cochran  School of Medical Sciences
Dr Rebecca Collie  School of Education
Dr Jason Everett  School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Science
Dr Gianfranco Giuntoli  Social Policy Research Centre
Ms Madeline Gleeson  Kaldor Centre for Internatioal Refugee Law
Dr Michalis Hadjikakou School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr Rochelle Haley School of Art and Design
Dr Benzad Hajarizadeh The Kirby Institute
Dr Claire Higgins Kaldor Centre for International Refugee law
Dr Megan Hobbs School of Psychiatry
Dr Arne Irrner School of Medical Sciences
Dr Mark Jones  School of Art and Design
Dr Guy Keulemans School of Art and Design
Dr Heba Khamis Graduation School of Biomedical Engineering
Dr Xunyu Lu School of Chemical Engineering
Dr Fiona Maccallum School of Psychology
Dr Alexander Macmillan Mark Wainwright Analyical Centre
Dr Hossein Masoumi School Mining Engineering
Dr Mariana Mayer Pinto School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Dr Clare Milledge School of Art and Design
Dr Christopher Miller School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr Nicholas Murray School of Biolgical, Earth and Envirnmental Sciences
Dr Bridianne O'Dea Black Dog Institute
Dr Gabriel Rau School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr Wade Smith School of Mechanical and Maufacturing Engineering
Dr George Sharbeen Prince of Wales Clinical School
Dr Veronica Tello School of Art and Design
Dr Louise Thornton National Drug and Alochol Research Centre
Dr Laurence Troy City Futures Research Centre
Dr Michelle Tye  Black Dog Institute
Dr Josh Wodak  School of Art and Design


Thank you to Faculty Offices and the members of the Faculty Promotions Committees for their hard work during this promotion round.




David Gleeson
Academic Promotions Manager
Phone 9385 2716
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