Promotion to Professor

2017 Round


Please note that the 2017 round will be officially opened in early May 2017.  Applicants should read the Information Booklet before completing the relevant application forms.


Applicants are advised to consult extensively with their Head of School and Dean before submitting an application.  To ensure that optimum advice has been received regarding documentation of their case, applicants are asked to submit a final draft copy of their application to their Head of School and Dean prior to submitting an application.  Promotion applications will be assessed entirely on merit.  No late applications will be accepted. 


Promotion Applications must be lodged with the Dean's Unit by close of business Monday 17 July.   Interviews for promotion to Professor are scheduled for the period 11 September - 29 September.


An Information Session has been organised by Human Resources to assist potential applicants with the promotion process.  This Information Session will be held on Friday 16 June from 9.00am - 3.30pm in the Council Chamber.  The full program of workshops organised by Human Resources to assist applicants is shown below.







17 Jul 2017


 Application to be submitted to the Dean's unit



11 Sept -  29 Sept 2017


 Faculty Promotion Committee meetings

Respective Faculties


16 Nov 2016


 University Promotions Committee

Council Chamber 9.00am-4.00pm

1 Jan 2018


 Effective date of Promotion




Information Sessions & Workshops

To register for any of these sessions, log into myUNSW, go to 'training registration' on the 'my staff profile' page and select 'academic promotion' from the course type drop down box.






Jan 2017


Information & guidelines booklet available on HR website



16 Jun 2017


General information session

Council Chamber

9am -3.30pm

23 Jun 2017


Writing your application

Council Chamber

9am -1.00pm

18 Aug 2017

Interview Skills

Council Chamber



24 & 25 Aug 2017


Mock interviews

Committee room 1,

The Chancellery





2016 Successful Applicants

The University Promotions Committee recommends that the following members of staff be promoted to Professor with effect from 1 January 2017:


Associate Professor Cyrille Boyer  School of Chemical Engineering
Associate Professor Jennifer Buchan  School of Taxation and Business Law
Associate Professor Richard Buckland  School of Computor Science and Engineering
Associate Professor Anthony Burke  School of Humanities and Social Sciences, UNSW Canberra
Associate Professor Nick Di Girolamo  School of Medical Sciences
Associate Professor Deborah Healey  School of Law
Associate Professor Grace Karskens  School of Humanities and Languages
Associate Professor Richard Kemp  School of Psychology
Associate Professor Kei Lui  School of Women and Children's Health
Associate Professor Bettina Meiser  Pronce of Wales Clinical School
Associate Professor Anna Munster  UNSW Art and Design
Associate Professor Valentyn Panchenko  School of Economics
Associate Professor John Pimanda

 Prince of Wales Clinical School

Associate Professor Tapabrata Ra

 School of Engineering and Information Technology, UNSW Canberra

Associate Professor Emery Schubert  School of the Arts and Media
Associate Professor Scott Sisson  School of Mathamatics and Statistics
Associate Professor Vijay Sivaraman  School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
Associate Professor Paul Thomas  UNSW Art and Design
Associate Professor Torsten Thomas  School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Associate Professor Pall Thordarson  School of Chemistry
Associate Professor Jon von Kowallis  School of Humanities and Lanuages
Associate Professor Wei Wang  School of Computor Sciences and Engineering
Associate Professor Thorsten Trupke  School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Engery Engineering

Associate Professor Sarah Williams

 School of Law


David Gleeson
Academic Promotions Manager
Phone 9385 2716
E-Mail Address