Approving Authority:
Date of Approval:
January 1994
Last Amended:
November 2006
Contact Officer:
Vice President, Human Resources

Conference leave is recognised as a form of leave separate from other accruing forms of leave such as recreation or long service leave.

Out of Session (excluding Recreation Leave)

Academic staff who wish to be absent from campus outside teaching sessions are required to obtain the advance approval of their Head of School or Centre Director. This approval will be required regardless of whether the purpose of the absence is to attend a conference or undertake some other academic activity.

Approval for Leave In Session for Academic Purposes including Conference Leave

Approval of absences in session for conference attendance or other academic activities, is as follows:

Period of Absence
Approval Authority
up to two weeks
Head of School
more than two weeks
Dean upon the recommendation of the Head of School/Centre Director

Applications for such leave should be made via myUNSW.

The applicant must provide all relevant documentation to the approval authority. This documentation should be retained by the School/Centre.

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