Death In-Service

Approving Authority:
Director, Human Resources
Date of Approval:
November 2003
Last Amended:
Contact Officer:
Faculty HR Consultant

Notification of the death of an employee should be passed onto Human Resources as soon as possible. This notification may come from any number of sources but should normally come via the Human Resources (HR) Consultant/Officer.

Upon notification the Superannuation Officer, Nina Kandur (ext. 52763), will co-ordinate all arrangements in relation to the processing of benefits and payments to the next of kin and/or the Estate.

The Superannuation Officer will:

  • ensure that the employee's salary payments are ceased, if not already done so by the HR Consultant/Officer
  • liaise with the HR Consultant/Officer to obtain verification of the date of death and to obtain details of the next of kin and legal representative of the deceased
  • advise the superannuation fund of the employee's death  liaise with Salaries to obtain a calculation of entitlements to Rec Leave and LSL (where appropriate)

Verification Required

Normally the University will require verification of an employee's death. This verification may come in the form of a Death Notice in the newspaper or a copy of the Death Certificate. Payments to the next of kin and/or the Estate will not be released until confirmation is received.


The Superannuation Officer will contact the relevant Superannuation Fund and advise of the death. The Superannuation Fund will then deal directly with the Next of Kin nominated by the member. In the event that there is no Next of Kin nominated the Superannuation Fund may contact the University to obtain additional information.

Death Related to Duties

If the death of the employee is related to their duties or occurs at work through accident or injury it will be necessary to contact the appropriate section within the Risk Management Unit as there will likely be related Worker's Compensation and/or Insurance issues to be dealt with.


Payments made in relation to a deceased employee will be authorised by the Director, HR. These payments may include the following:

  • final salary payments up to the date of death
  • payment of the outstanding balance of Rec Leave and Leave Loading
  • payment of the outstanding balance of LSL (subject to the employee having served at least 5 year's continuous service or 4 year's qualifying period for ADFA General Staff).

Payments will usually be by cheque and forwarded to the Executor of the Estate along with the outstanding Payment Summary for the relevant financial year.