Named Academic Positions

Approving Authority:
Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Committee
Date of Approval:
3 August 1994
Last Amended:
Contact Officer:
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

1. General

1.1 The University will, at its discretion, accept an endowment or an assurance of continuing funding from a benefactor or an external sponsor to be applied either

a) to establish a new academic position and to name it in recognition of the benefactor or sponsor, or
b) to name an existing postions (where it is not intended to advertise and select a new member of staff).

Proposals of either type should be advised to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at the earliest feasible stage. The position to be named should normally be a full-time academic position at the level of Professor, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer or Lecturer, or equivalent (eg Senior Research Fellow). A formal application must contain specific information as to

  • the source of funding
  • the proposed name
  • the amount of endowment and/or series of contributions anticipated.

1.2 Adjunct, Visiting or Fractional appointments will not normally be made to named positions. If, however, the benefactor or sponsor has particular reasons for such a path, and there are clear and sustainable benefits to the University, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) may approve the naming of such an appointment. As a guideline in such cases, the endowment or financial contribution should be sufficient to maintain the appointment for at least ten years.

2. Appointment

2.1 Where a new position is to be established (case (a) in clause 1.1 above), the selection procedures follow the established practices of the University. A sponsor or benefactor may not direct the selection of an appointee but may, as a courtesy, be invited to be represented on the selection committees.

2.2 Where an existing position is to be named (case (b) in clause 1.1 above), the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) shall approve appointment procedures, in consultation with the Dean, by which the Faculty shall determine which member of staff is to be appointed to the named position. A sponsor or benefactor may not direct the selection of an appointee but may, as a courtesy, be invited to be represented on the appointment panel.

2.3 Dependent on the amount of the endowment, the position would be filled either: in perpetuity; for a fixed term; on a renewable basis; or used for the initial setting up of a Chair that would later be maintained with recurrent funds.

2.4 Appointees to named positions come under the same conditions of appointment as appointees to equivalent un-named positions particularly with regard to questions of copyright and ownership of intellectual property.

2.5 A sponsor or benefactor may not influence the direction or content of an appointee's scholarly activity.

2.6 Titles given to academic posts should accord with normal academic propriety and there will be no publicity to the sponsor except in the naming of the post and of its incumbent, in, for example, regular University publications and in advertising and reporting of the filling of the post concerned.

3. Funding

3.1 Except in exceptional circumstances, the naming of an academic position will require by endowment the capital sum which is necessary (taking investment earnings and inflation into account) to meet 50% of the normal salary and on-costs for the proposed level of appointment for a minimum of 5 years. As an alternative, the proposal to name a position may be approved where there is a clear and satisfactory assurance of funding support over time equivalent to that capital sum.

3.2 If the person appointed to a named position is promoted, the University may either approve the carriage of the name to the higher level or seek the necessary supplementary funding to enable this to occur. If the former applies, the named position shall be refilled at the originally agreed level at the conclusion of tenure by the current appointee.

3.3 If endowment ceases, for whatever reason, the position may be disestablished or, if tenured, continued on recurrent funds as an un-named position.