Recruitment Through Nomination

Approving Authority:

Vice Chancellor's Advisory Committee

Date of Approval:

February 2001

Last Amended:

July 2007

Contact Officer:

Faculty HR Consultant

In special circumstances a specific person can be "nominated" into a position for a specified period of time. These circumstances include:

1. the specialised skills/knowledge required for the position so limits the 'pool' of applicants that the person making the nomination is reasonably aware of all possible appointable applicants. In this case the nomination can be for up to 3 years provided it is approved by the Director Human Resources; or

2. the nomination is required to meet an unexpected need. In this case the nomination should not exceed 12 months, during which time the position should normally be advertised, if it is likely to be extend beyond 12 months.

Provided at least one of the above conditions is satisfied, the nomination can proceed as follows:

  • consideration should be given to advertising the position internally via the HR web-site to test the UNSW market.
  • before offering a position to a person by nomination a formal position description and selection criteria should be prepared, attached to a HR10 and sent to Human Resources for confirmation that the nomination is consistent with UNSW policy.
  • the person responsible for the nomination should ensure that the person nominated satisfies the selection criteria.
  • the person responsible for the nomination should interview the person.and where possible at least one other appropriate staff member should be present at the interview. An interview could serve a number of purposes including explaining to the nominee the duties and responsibilities of the position and further testing the merits of the person.
  • the person responsible for the nomination should ensure that appropriate records are kept of the above process.

Subsequent Contracts of Employment

Occasionally there may be sound reasons for approving the extension of a nomination for a period beyond the time frame established in points 1 & 2 above. Whilst internal or external advertising of the position will normally be required, in exceptional circumstances, the budget Unit Head can submit a detailed justification (including references to equity issues) to obtain the approval of the Director Human Resources to extend the nomination for a further period.

Conflict of interest

There may be times when the person making the nomination has a family relationship, well known friendship or some other form of relationship with the person being nominated. In these cases, the nominator must declare the existence of the relationship in advance of the nomination to the Budget Unit Head. Where the Budget Unit Head is the person making the nomination, then the Budget Unit Head's supervisor should be notified.

Further Information

As the nominator, you are encouraged to consult with your Faculty HR Consultant regarding any proposed nomination.