Resignation of Employment - Notice Period


Approving Authority:

Director Human Resources

Date of Approval:

5 April 2001

Last Amended:

8 August 2007

Contact Officer:

Industrial Relations Advisory Unit

Staff are required to give notice of resignation in writing to their supervisor, clearly indicating the intended last day of duty. The supervisor should forward the resignation letter to Human Resources. Where the supervisor receives verbal advice of resignation, Human Resources should be informed as soon as possible, so as to ensure that no salary overpayment occurs. The written notice should follow later.

General staff are required to give at least two (2) weeks notice of their intention to resign. It is expected that more senior general staff (level 10 and above) would give at least four (4) weeks notice.

Academic staff are required in most circumstances give one (1) sessions' notice of their intention to resign.

In special circumstances, and subject to the operational requirements of the work unit, the University may agree to a shorter period of notice.