Scientia Professors

Approving Authority:
President & Vice-Chancellor
Date of Approval:
1 December 1997
Last Amended:
Feburary 2018
Contact Officer:
David Gleeson, Academic Promotions Manager

1. Preamble

UNSW celebrates excellence in research, education and contributions to social engagement, and global impact.  Since 1997 the University has recognised highly performing Professors with the title of Scientia Professor.

Scientia Professors are selected not only by virtue of their excellence and innovation, but also in recognition of their behaviours that contribute to our community, such as demonstrating collaboration and teamwork, embracing diversity and showing respect for others.

While UNSW encourages all staff to play roles as leading global citizens, the Scientia Professor scheme offers a UNSW title that celebrates people who have made, and will continue to make, an impact by operating within and in alignment with the UNSW community of staff, students and our partners, and who contribute to the strategic goals of UNSW.

It is intended that the top 10% of our Professoriate will be recognised as Scientia Professors (although the actual proportion may vary as a result of annual fluctuations in appointments, promotions and retirements, etc).

For information regarding nominations to Scientia Professor, please contact the Academic Promotions Manager, David Gleeson, on ext: 52716. 

2. The Award

Successful applicants will be granted the title of Scientia Professor and may retain this title for the duration of their employment at UNSW unless otherwise signalled by the President and Vice-Chancellor.

In addition, Scientia Professors may be granted a salary supplementation.  The amount depends on many factors, including whether or not they are already receiving supplementation, but may be up to 30% of the base Professorial salary.

The final decision on what supplementation will be granted will be made by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) in consultation with the relevant Dean.  The monetary component of the award will be paid by the relevant Faculty.

The salary supplementation will initially be for a period of three years.  After this time, if they wish to make the case for continuation of this performance based supplementation, Scientia Professors will be required to apply via the standard Professorial Salary Supplementation Committee (Please refer to the Human Resources website for details).

Note that only those Scientia Professors who successfully reapply for salary supplementation of 30% will count in calculating the number of Scientia Professorships required each round to ensure that 10% of UNSW Professors are celebrated as Scientia Professors, even though all Scientia Professors will retain their titles.

3. Procedure for the 2018 Round

Scientia Professorship rounds will normally occur every two years.

Applicants are reminded that the scheme seeks to celebrate the top 10% of Professors and they should consult with both their Head of School and Dean in respect of the competitiveness of their application.  UNSW has around 600 Professors and so aims to have a cohort of around 60 active Scientia Professors (excluding Scientia Professors who have not sought renewal but have retained the title) and thus expects to make about 10 new Scientia Professor appointments across UNSW each round.  There is no limit on the number of awards per Faculty  but it would be unlikely for any one Faculty to dominate the Scientia Professorship process.  In 2018 it is intended that at least 30% of those recognised by the award will be women who are making outstanding contributions to UNSW.

  • Applications should be submitted to Human Resources (Academic Promotions Manager) by close of business, Monday 16 July, 2018.
  • Deans will be consulted and then will rank applications from their Faculties.
  • The University Scientia Professor Committee, comprising the President and Vice-Chancellor (Chair), Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Diverstiy and Inclusion, President of the Academic  Board, four current Scientia Professors nopminated by the President and Vice-Chancellor, selected with a view to reflecting appropriate discipline and gender balance, will then meet and consider the candidates.  Referee reports will only be sought in situations where the case is considerd borderline.  The committee may also consult publicly available data and may call on the Deans or other experts for extra information in arriving at its decisions.
  • Applicants will be informed of the outcome in writing by the President and Vice-Chancellor and the UNSW Council will be notified in or before the final meeting of the year. 

4. Applicants Documentation

An Executive Summary page listing the main achievements for the applicant in dot form.  A narrative (no more than 3 pages) describing the applicant's contribution to any of the pillars of academic performance (research, teaching, social engagement and global impact).  The emphasis should be placed on quality and impact and should explain their own distict contributions.

A description (in no more than 1 page) of the applicant's proposed contributions to UNSW for the next six years.
A list of four potential referees (please note that confidential referee reports will only be solicited if required).
Other supporting documentation (up to 5 pages) such as, an abridged CV showing qualifications,specific contributions to research, education, social engagement and global impact, apppointments, honours, awards and membership of the learned academies or equivalent organisations etc.

5. Appeals

Appeals can only be made on the basis of procedural fairness.  In such cases, applicants should first seek feedback from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and then may appeal directly to the President and Vice-Chancellor, who will ensure that the matter is investigated.

UNSW Scientia Professors

Professor Rose Amal   School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering
Professor Kaarin Anstey   School of Psychology
Professor Bernard Balleine   School of Psychology
Professor Michael Barton   South Western Sydney Clinical School
Professor Boualem Benatallah   School of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor Jill Bennett   School of Art and Design
Professor Mark Bradford   School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor Henry Brodaty   School of Psychiatry
Professor Robert Brooks   School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Professor Richard Bryant   School of Psychology
Professor Ross Buckley   School of Law
Professor Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic   School of Information Systems and Technology Management
Professor Louise Chappell   School of Law
Professor Helen Christensen   The Black Dog Institute
Professor Liming Dai   School of Chemical Engineering
Professor Louisa Degenhardt   National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
Professor Dennis Del Favero   Centre for Interactive Cinema
Professor Gregory Dore   The Kirby Institute
Professor Andrew Dzurak   School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
Professor Louise Edwards   School of Humanities and Languages
Professor Matthew England   Climate Change Research Centre
Professor Victor Flambaum   School of Physics
Professor Joseph Forgas   School of Psychology
Professor Katharina Gaus   School of Medical Sciences
Professor Jacob Goeree   School of Economics
Professor Justin Gooding   School of Chemistry
Professor Martin Green   School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering
Professor Alexander Hamilton   School of Physics
Professor Mark Harris   Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity
Professor Gernot Heiser   School of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor Gary Housley   School of Medical Sciences
Professor John Kaldor   The Kirby Institute
Professor Robert Kohn   School of Economics
Professor Xuemin Lin   School of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor Stephen Lord   Neuroscience Research Australia
Professor Nigel Lovell   Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
Professor Guy Marks   South Western Clinical School
Professor Andrew Martin   School of Education
Professor Ronald Masulis   School of Banking and Finance
Professor Jane McAdam   School of Law
Professor Trevor McDougall   School of Mathematics and Statistics
Professor Philip Mitchell   School of Psychiatry
Professor Andrea Morello   School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
Professor Julian Murphet   School of the Arts and Media
Professor Gordon Parker   School of Psychiatry
Professor Anushka Patel   The George Institute for Global Health
Professor Paul Patton   School of Humanities and Languages
Professor George Paxinos   Neuroscience Research Australia
Professor Vlado Perkovic   The George Institute for Global Health
Professor John Piggott   School of Economics
Professor Deo Prasad   School of Architecture and Design
Professor Rosemary Rayfuse   School of Law
Professor John Roberts   School of Marketing
Professor Sven Rogge   School of Physics
Professor Perminder Sachdev   School of Psychiatry
Professor Veena Sahajwalla   School of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor Mattheos Santamouris   School of The Built Environment
Professor Derrick Silove   School of Psychiatry
Professor Michelle Simmons   School of Physics
Professor Roger Simnett   School of Accounting
Professor Fiona Stapleton   School of Optometry and Vision Science
Professor Martina Stenzel   School of Chemistry
Professor Fedor Sukochev   School of Mathematics and Statistics
Professor Carla Treloar    Centre for Social Research in Health
Professor Ken Trotman   School of Accounting
Professor David Waite   School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor Toby Walsh   School of Computer Science and Engineering
Professor Fred Westbrook   School of Psychology
Professor George Williams   School of Law
Professor Alan Woodland   School of Economics
Professor Jingling Xue   School of Computer Science and Engineering