Forms - Orientation

New Staff On-boarding Forms
Organising and delivering a good induction program is an important activity for you as a supervisor. Induction programs which are well planned and conducted will create a great first impression of you and UNSW and will enable new employees to effectively learn about UNSW, its culture and the requirements of their role. Your new staff member will more quickly feel welcome and positive about UNSW and their new workplace and will more quickly settle into and become productive in their role.
The following forms will assist in helping to create a positive and enjoyable on-boarding experience for new staff.
As a new staff member to The University of New South Wales, you must use this form to indicate that you have read and understood key policies and procedures of the University as well as providing you with a guide to some of your key starting activities and training that you should complete. You and your supervisor should sign this form and then return if to your Faculty Human Resources Consultant within 4 weeks of commencement.
This checklist is designed to guide you through the various activities that should be undertaken in preparation for your new staff members arrival, during their first week and their first month to assist in creating an effective induction program. This form should be retained by the Supervisor and kept in the local work unit.
This form is designed for use primarily by Human Resources and other staff who are responsible for completing entry on duty formalities with new staff members. This form is used as a guide only.
If you are responsible for the induction of a casual, temporary or sessional staff member, you can use this checklist to identify the activities which should be undertaken to ensure the effective induction of the new staff member and document the induction process. This form should be retained by the Supervisor and stored in the local work unit.