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Employment Information

The General Staff - Employee Manual is the source of information pertaining to employment matters for all general staff at UNSW.

Internal Job Exchange
Internal job exchange is available to continuing general staff of the University, both full time and part-time. It can benefit both the staff member and the University by allowing a member of general staff to a make a temporary exchange of their position with another member of general staff within the University.
Internal job exchange can allow general staff to increase their knowledge of the University, enhance their skills and provide staff development. The exchange can also improve inter-relationships between administrative areas.
Internal Temporary Transfer
The University's policy of Internal Temporary Transfer provides opportunities for staff development, allows staff to enhance existing skills, and develop new skills to support the individuals career development. Click here for further information.

Probationary Period

It is a common procedure at UNSW for newly appointed General staff to have the continuing status of their appointment confirmed after a period of time during which their ability to perform the duties of the position is assessed.  During your probationary period your supervisor should regularly assess your performance to ensure that you are making the necessary progress. You must ensure that you make every effort to attain all of the relevant knowledge and skills that you need to acheive satisfactory performance in your role. There is a lot of support around the university to help you, including having regular discussions with your supervisor. It is recommended that you create an action plan for your probationary period at UNSW.
When will I be reviewed?
The timing of your probation reviews will depend on your role and you should agree this up front with your supervisor.  Your probation review discussions should be documented using the Professional & Tecnical Staff Probation (HR57)
For further information about the UNSW probation policy relevant to you, please see the HR website. Your HR Consultant and supervisor are also available for advice.

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