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About UNSW

Getting to know UNSW
Understanding your university is an important part to helping your to settle in and preparing you for your new role. Every staff member represents the University and its values and so it is important that you view them.
Important information
The University web page provides detailed information about the university that you can research.   You should particularly take time to read about the following:
University Faculties
Click on the Faculty to view their webiste

NSS - NewSouth Solutions

There are three NSS systems which you may need to use in the course of your work. Ask your supervisor to help you detaermine if you will require access.
NSS Financials
NSS Student 
NSS HR is often used by supervisors, HR staff, administration staff
NSS HR includes:
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance
  • Benefits
Click on the link to see the range of information NSS HR will provide you:
NSS Financial is often used by Accounting services staff, supervisors, administration staff
NSS Financials includes:
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Purchasing
  • Asset Management
  • Account Receivable
  • Project Management
NSS Student is often used by student administrators & teaching staff
NSS Student includes:
  • Student Details
  • Enrolment Summary
  • Class Rosters
  • Teaching & Lecturers schedules
Further information about the NSS systems is located on NSS Website, HR Website, Financial Services Website.
Click here for details of NewSouth Solutions Training - Orientation to NewSouth Solutions, NSS Financials ; NSS HR


myUNSW is the gateway to the services and information you need as a UNSW staff member. It can be accessed from any computer on the Internet anywhere in the world.
myUNSW provides you with access to:
  • Review and update personal & emergency contact details;
  • View and print pay advices;
  • View leave balances for recreation, sick and long service leave;
  • Forecast leave balances to a future date;
  • Review leave history;
  • Apply for Leave
  • Approve leave (if you are a supervisor)
  • Update EEO statistical and qualifications information;
  • Access to resources for employees involved in student academic administration;
  • Access to My News & Events ad My Announcements, on-line bulletins regarding employment and student administration matters at UNSW
How do I access myUNSW?
To log in to myUNSW you require your security ID and password. Visit myUNSW to log in and browse the website or find out the answers to other frequently asked questions.

Faculty Specific Induction Programs

The following Faculties have an additional specific induction program for their faculty. Click on the links for more information:

Training Courses

There are many training courses available for staff at UNSW either to get you started or to help you achieve your longer term career goals.   
If you are a staff member at UNSW@ADFA, you should refer to the UNSW@ADFA staff development program for information of training courses available to you including dates and enrollment procedures.
Welcome to UNSW workshop
The aim of this workshop is to provide you with a welcome and introduction to UNSW including a tour of Kensington campus. Visit the People and Culture Development Unit page for more information.
UNSW Library orientation tours and skills classes
These demonstrate how to find, manage and research information efficiently and effectively.
Sessions offered are:
Orientation programs for other UNSW campuses are also available. Visit your library website for details.
The library also offers a range of other education and training including Online Training; Information literacy and Research consultations. Click here for more details.
Developing your skills
People and Culture Development Unit provide a range of opportunties to UNSW staff. Click here for more information on Workshops and Programs.

Key Contacts

You can use the UNSW internal telephone directory to locate the contact details for any staff member or organisational unit.

Some key numbers to get you started:

(When you call you will need to provide your staff number, location and the details of the IT problem you have
(02) 938 - 51333
Human Resources reception number
The list of HR Consultants/Officers will help you to determine relevant contacts
(02) 938 - 52711
Facilities hotline
(02) 938 - 55111
Emergency number
(02) 938 - 56666
(02) 938 - 51565
(02) 938 - 52736
(02) 938 - 53111
UNSW@ ADFA HR General Enquiries
(02) 626 - 88707

Key Units at UNSW

Click on the link to browse their website further:
What do they do
  • Proactive professional accounting
  • Financial management
  • Systems, Procurement & other services.
What can you find here
  • Financial policies and procedures
  • Forms
  • The travel Office
  • Important UNSW financial information (e.g. travel & car allowances)
What do they do
  • Provide counselling to students for both academic and personal issues.
  • Provide consultation regarding student issues
  • Provide tailored workshops to groups of students
What can you find here
  • Information on programs, workshops and seminars
  • Making an appointment
  • Self Help info sheets
What do they do
  • Enhance teaching and learning at UNSW by assisting, training and supporting academics with flexible teaching, WebCT and other online services
What can you find here
  • Workshops and Events
  • Support
  • Services offered to academic staff
What do they do
  • Look after all equity and diversity issues for students
What can you find here
  • Equity and Diversity policies
  • Links to all relevant pieces of legislation
  • Links to relevant government bodies
  • Links to associated community groups
Facilities Management
Their main areas of responsibility are
  • Buildings & grounds
  • Campus Services
  • Environment Unit
  • FM Support
  • Planning
  • Project Development
  • Security Services
What can you find here
  • A-Z of facilities services & details
  • Request work services
What do they do
  • Emergency Management
  • Emergency Control Organisation
  • Emergency Exercises and evacuation drills
  • Provide emergency equipment
  • Provide First Aid training and equipment
What can you find here
  • Emergency procedure Action Guides
  • Emergency Training course details
  • First Aid co-ordination
What can you find here
  • HR forms
  • HR policies and Procedures
  • Enterprise Agreements
  • Salary Rates and associated costs
  • OHS
  • Workplace Diversity
UNSW IT Services is responsible for the provision and management of University-wide strategic information and communication technology services.
What can you find here
  • Voicemail and communications services
  • IT Services Catalogue
  • Support Resources
  • Policies and Guideline
  • IT Security
  • Forms to initiate or change details and accounts
What do they do
  • Provide academic skill support services to students of UNSWand help staff with strategies for embedding the teaching of these graduate attributes in their courses
What can you find here
  • Worshops
  • Student self-access material
  • On-line resources for students
  • Individual Consultations for staff and students
What do they do
  • Develop activities based on Learning and teaching issues identified by staff
What can you find here
  • Learning and Teaching Resources including books, booklets, videos, and resource kits covering a wide range of areas in university learning and teaching
  • Professional Development Opportunties in Learning and Teaching
  • Support for Course and Program development
  • UNSW Compendium of Good Practice in Learning and Teaching
  • Education Policy
  • Strategic Initiatives in Learning and Teaching
What can you find here
  • Library catalogues
  • Databases subscribed to by UNSW Library
  • Borrowers record - articles currently on loan
  • Services provided for staff and students
  • Education and Training Services and resources
  • Subject Guides
  • Information on using the library
Marketing Services(
Marketing Services is the central marketing office and works with many staff/divisions aross the organisation.
What do they do
  • Brand management
  • Market research
  • Corporate advertising
  • Event management
  • E-marketing
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Uni-wide Marketing Group
  • Recruitment, corporate and general advertising
  • Strategic media research, planning, liaison and negotiation
  • Graphic design
UNSW switchboard and Chancellery Reception:
  • Chancellery hospitality
  • Chancellery meeting room bookings
  • Coordination of some charity initiatives
What do they do
  • Provide pathways to learning opportunities that embrace Indigenous knowledge, culture and histories.
  • produce learning and teaching resources
What can you find here
  • Workshops and events
  • Support for teaching
  • Support for course development
  • Learning and teaching awards
  • Research -Teaching nexus
  • UNSW Compendium of Good Practice in Learning and Teaching
What do they do
  • Administration of externally awarded funds
  • Assist staff with grant and fellowship applications
What can you find here
  • Information on funding including salary rates, associated costs, external and internal sources of funding
  • Information on Project management
  • Research Ethics and safety information.
  • Research & related Policies
What can you find here
Student Administration & Records
  • Graduations
  • Enrolments & Examinations
  • Fees
Student Support Central
  • Admissions
  • Scholarships & Financial Support
Student Systems
Accommodation Services
What do they do
  • Assist in career assessment and development tools
  • Facilitate several networks around campus
  • Run various training programs and workshops
  • Develop training programs for work units
  • Run the Welcome to UNSW Orientation
What can you find here
What do they do
  • Responsible for the provision of a safe working environment
  • Maintain security monitoring services
  • Manage transport experiences
What can you find here
  • E-spot client services
  • Security control
  • Security systems
  • Transport co-ordination
  • Unibeat program
What can you find here
  • Information about UNSW@ADFA
  • UNSW@ADFA organisational structure
  • Student Gateway
  • Staff Gateway
  • Research
  • Academy Library
  • News & Events
Careers and Employment
What they do:
  • Offer a range of programs, services and resources to assist students to develop career management skills and gain employment. 
  • Work with academic staff to develop career development modules within the curriculum.
  • Provide daily career development workshops and individual career advice appointments.
  • Organise large scale employer events including the Annual UNSW Careers Expo.
  • Run internship programs and advertise job vacancies.

Common Acronyms

As with all new workplaces, you will encounter various acronyms that are used on a regular basis. Here are a few of the common ones to help you out.

Full Title
Australian Taxation Office
Australian Research Council
Centrally Allocated Teaching Space - Lecture theatre/seminar room bookings and facilities
Department of Education Science and Training
Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Equivalent Full-time Student Units
Faculty of Commerce and Economics
Group of 8 - a coalition of Australia 's leading universities (The University of Adelaide, The Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, Monash University, The University of New South Wales, The University of Queensland, The University of Sydney and The University of Western Australia)
IT Services
National Health and Medical Research Council
NewSouth Solutions: the UNSW version of PeopleSoft - the university database that holds all HR, student and financial records
Occupational Health and Safety
Policy Advisory Committee
Pro-Vice Chancellor
Research Training Scheme
Senior Management Group
Special Studies Purposes leave - sabbatical leave
Study Vacation - one week between the end of session and beginning of the exam period
The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in Canberra is a centre for higher education for the Australian Defence Force.
Universitas 21 - international network of leading research-intensive universities whose purpose is to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between the member universities
Vice Chancellor's Advisory Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that may help you during the course of your work.
For example - air conditioning, electrical & plumbing problems, pest control, cleaning etc.
Here is a list of the answers to some additional HR frequently asked questions
CONTACT Information and Referral Service is a free service for students and the wider UNSW community. CONTACT is a friendly place to obtain information on just about anything. Contained on the CONTACT website is Question and Answer Centre. This contains a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question which isn't already listed, CONTACT will be able to help you find the answer.
If you are a member of UNSW@ADFA, the answers to these FAQ's will be different. Contact the UNSW@ ADFA HR Office (02) 6268 8707 to discuss your FAQ's.