Working with Students

Support for Students and Staff
Related Policies and Procedures

Support for Students and Staff

UNSW Student Services provide you with a rage of information including
  • Student Administration & Records including: Graduations, Enrolments & Examinations, Fees
  • Student Support Central including: Admissions and Scholarships & Financial Support
  • Student Systems
  • Careers & Employment
  • Accommodation Services
UNSW Counselling Service COMPASS Programs offer support in helping students to find their own way at university.
What kinds of services do thay provide?
Services for students include:
  • individual counselling
  • programs, workshops and seminars
  • self help resources
For schools, faculties and individual staff we also provide support in:
  • consultation re student issues
  • training programs for initiatives such as the Peer Mentor Scheme or Campus Care Program for Students At Risk
  • tailored workshops for groups of students
Staff may want:
  • guidance in how to best adivse a particular student
  • a workshop or seminar for a particular group of their students
  • information they can pass on to students about referral options
  • to discuss ideas for a school or faculty based program
  • a Campus Care program workshop to help their staff in dealing with students at risk
  • or something else - again, please ask
Individual Faculties and Schools will also have support for students and staff working with students.

Related Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures relating to dealing with students
Code of Practice for Students with Disabilities
Grievance Resolution procedure for research students