Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - myUNSW

Question: What is myUNSW?
Answer: myUNSW for staff consists of two pages of information and functionality, accessed from the tabs in the top left hand corner of the webpage.
The "Home" page, which is shown when first logging in, contains a selection of links to information relevant to UNSW staff. In addition, this page has a central channel displaying News and Announcements for staff.
The "My Staff Profile" tab gives access to online staff services similar to Employee Self Service.
For more information about the functionality, click the Help links in the top right corner of each page.
Question: How do I log in to myUNSW?
Answer: Login to myUNSW at using your ID and UniPass as per ESS.
Question: How do I change or replace my UniPass?
Answer: For details on how to change or replace a lost or forgotten UniPass click here.
Question: What can I do on myUNSW?
Answer: Staff can update personal details; view and print pay advices; view leave balances and leave history; apply for leave, forecast leave balances to a future date and update EEO statistical and qualifications information.
Casual Professional employee's can use myUNSW to claim hours worked.
When updating details always remember to click the "save" button to save your changes.
Question: How do I prevent others from accessing my details?
Answer: To prevent others from accessing your personal information always remember to Log Out. The "Log Out" button is located on the right hand side of the top screen header.
It is also important that you change your UniPass regularly to ensure the security of your account.
Question: Is "Help" available?
Answer: Yes. You will find a "Help" link displayed in the top right hand corner of each screen. Just click on the "Help" link to access further information about the screen you are on.
Question: How do I make myUNSW my home page?
Answer: To make myUNSW your home page, open your browser and enter the myUNSW url in the address bar
  • Internet Explorer users: Click "Tools" then "Internet Options" to display your general settings. Click the "Use Current" button to make myUNSW your home page.
  • Netscape users: Click "Edit" then "Preferences" to display your navigator preferences. Click the "Use Current Page" button to make myUNSW your home page.

Frequently Asked Questions - Salary related

Question: Why didn't I get paid?
Answer: Casual staff - If you did not submit your claim form by the close off deadline you will not be paid for this pay period - check Claims Form Schedule.

If you submitted your claim form on time, please contactSalaries on ext 51706.

Full-time or Part-time staff - Please contact your HR Consultant/Officer or Human Resources on ext 52711.
Question: What is my Employee ID and Record Number?
Answer: This information is on your Pay Advice (top right hand corner and top centre) if you have been paid, otherwise your Administration Office or Manager can check this on the NewSouth HR system.
Question: How do I change my address, banking or deduction details?
Answer:To change address, banking or deductions you need to advise Salaries of changes in writing by mail, email or fax 9385 1420. Complete:
HR08 - Change of Name/Address Form or myUNSW
SAL123 - Salaries Deposit Details Form
SAL124 - Deduction Authority Form.
Question: How much annual leave do I have?
Answer: Annual leave balances are printed on your Pay Advice and in myUNSW. If you have a query about your leave balance, please contact the Leave Clerk on ext. 52733 or 53082.
Question: Who should I contact if my leave balance is incorrect?
Answer: Please contact the Leave Clerk on ext. 52733 or 53082.
Question: How do I apply for leave?
Answer: Applications for leave can be submiited online at myUNSW.  Logon to myUNSW, select the "My Staff Profile" tab, select "Leave" from the My Staff Services menu, select "Apply for Leave". 
Question: How much should I pay a casual?
Answer: The casual rates for academic staff and for professional staff can be found under at the Salaries website.
Question: How do I change the pay rate for an existing casual general staff?
Answer: Please complete a new SAL11 form with the Employee ID and Record Number and advise the new level or step.
Question: When do I need to submit my claim form?
Answer: Refer to the Claims Form Schedule.
Question: What should I do to receive a copy of a previous year Payment Summary (formerly known as group certificate)?
Answer: The policy of the University is that all requests for the re-issue of a previous year payment summary must be put in writing and signed by the applicant. As from July 2008 the 2007/2008 financial year payment summaries will be available to reprint on myUNSW.

You may either email or mail your signed request to the Salaries Unit.

If you have any further queries please phone the Salaries on 9385 1706.
Question: Where can I get copies of the Human Resources Forms?
Answer: Refer to the HR Forms on the Human Resources website.
Question: Where can I get copies of the Salaries Forms?
Answer: Refer to the HR Forms on the Human Resources website.
Question: What items can I salary sacrifice?
Answer: Salary sacrificing will allow staff to pay for a wide variety ot items such as superannuation, motor vehicles, UNSW parking, Childcare, Unigym from pre-tax salary.
For further information on salary sacrificing refer to:
Salary Sacrificing Options at UNSW
UNSW Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement
UNSW Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement
Currently superannuation, UNSW child care, UNSW car parking and motor vehicles are available for staff to salary sacrifice, though it is envisaged that other items will soon be available.
Question: How do I get access to NewSouth HR?
Answer: Access is granted after completing the appropriate NSS Access application form and submitting it to the ACSU Security Administrator, MISU, Level 14 Library Tower. The forms are located on the NewSouth Solutions Website.
Question:What training is available in NewSouth HR?
Answer: Training is available for new and existing employees but is limited by available training resources. Currently, NSS-HR Fundamentals (including Inquiries & Reporting) training is available for staff. Contact the HR Systems Unit for further information.
Question: How do I change my NewSouth HR password?
Answer: Passwords are synchronised across all NewSouth Solutions applications. To change your NewSouth HR password go to the NewSouth Solutions Website and follow the steps.
Question: What reports are available from NewSouth HR?
Answer: Refer to NewSouth HR Reporting.
Question: Where do I go to for help if I have problems running reports?
Answer: Contact the IT Service Desk on ext. 51333.
Question: What other help is available on NewSouth HR?
Answer: Help with the system can be obtained from a variety of sources depending on your query.
For example, if you are trying to locate particular information but are unable to find it, you may contact your HR Consultant/Officer.
If you are experiencing technical difficulties eg. the server is not responding or your report is sitting queued but not moving, contact the IT Service Desk on ext. 51333.
If your question relates to system functionality or you have a requirement that cannot readily be met by the system contact HR Systems.
User procedures for the most common transactions on NewSouth HR are located on the NewSouth Solutions Website.
Question: Who in Personnel should I contact about my appointment?
Answer: Personnel is divided into two teams. Firstly identify your Faculty, Division or Centre and then contact the relevant HR Consultant/Officer by phone or email.
Question: Who should I contact if I have a question about my superannuation?
Answer: If you have a question regarding your superannuation at UNSW, please contact
If you have a question regarding the Special Purposes Superannuation Scheme, please contact
Or call the Unisuper On-Campus Consultant Lachlan McLean on 0427045424 or email (Lachlan is on campus Tuesday and Wednesday.
Question: Who should I contact about my tax query?
Answer: Please email or ring  salaries on 9385-1706, alternatively you can contact the Australian Taxation Office or phone 132 861.
Question: Who should I speak to about my accounting query?
Answer: Please contact the appropriate Client Services Officer in Financial Services.
Question: Where is Human Resources located?
Human Resources Reception
Level 1, Room 119 North Wing
The Chancellery
Phone: 61 2 9385 2711
Fax: 61 2 9662 2832
Mon-Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm