Paid Outside Work

The University's policy on Paid Outside Work (POW) by Academic Staff was revised throughout 2005 to incorporate requirements recently introduced by the NSW Government and federal guidelines governing the commercial activities of universities. This policy was approved by Council on 26 September 2005.

The policy was updated on 1 April 2011 to give effect to the transfer of consulting services from UNSW Global to the Division of Research. The Division now manages all consulting projects undertaken by UNSW employees.

A change to the POW approval process was approved in November 2013. University Paid Outside Work undertaken as part of a project that is >50% research NO LONGER REQUIRES APPROVAL USING THE ONLINE FORM IN MYUNSW. Instead, approval will be obtained via the acceptance form for the research project issued by the Division of Research.

Academic staff undertaking all other forms of POW must seek prior approval by completing the application form which is available online through myUNSW.

There are three categories of Paid Outside Work:

  • University Paid Outside Work (UPOW) associated with consulting projects is managed by the Division of Research. Other forms of UPOW are managed by UNSW controlled entities. UPOW may involve the use of University resources. Staff undertaking UPOW will normally be covered by professional and public liability insurances maintained by UNSW and/or its controlled entities.
  • Private Paid Outside Work (PPOW) is undertaken by staff in a private capacity, does not involve the use of University resources (unless these are generally available and charged at the same cost as to the public), and is not associated with the University. Staff are responsible for their own professional indemnity and public liability insurance and for all of their own financial and taxation arrangements.
  • Directorships and partnerships (other than those where a staff member is nominated to a Board by the University) fall within the policy on Paid Outside Work by Academic Staff if the arrangement is work-related or the company is to be used in outside earnings activities.

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