Reclassification (Level 1-9)

Approving Authority:

Director Human Resources

Date of Approval:

March 2005

Last Amended:

January 2011

Contact Officer:

Industrial Relations Advisory Unit

The process of re-evaluation of general staff positions is covered by subclause 21.2 of the UNSW (Professional Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2015 (the Agreement). Reclassification occurs when the duties and accountabilities of an occupied position are assessed at a higher level against the UNSW Classification Descriptors (Schedule 9.0 of the Agreement), due to an identified growth in the complexity of a position over time.

Re-evaluation involves the assessment of the position, not the employee who occupies it. Reclassification should not be used as a mechanism for the granting of a salary increase to an employee on the grounds of personal merit or performance.

Both broadbanded and non-broadbanded positions may be re-evaluated.

A non-broadbanded position may be re-evaluated to a broadbanded position (eg from level 4 to level 4/5). A position which is already broadbanded across two levels, may have those levels varied through a reclassification application.

Further information on broadbanding is available on the Human Resources website at


An application for re-evaluated of an occupied position will be in accordance with the procedures set out in clause 21.2 of the Agreement, and will normally involve the following steps:

  • The supervisor of the work unit should prepare a business case outlining the reasons for the request to reclassify the position
  • The request should be endorsed by the Dean or Divisional Head of the Faculty/Division within which the position is located and forwarded to Human Resources with a copy of a current position description
  • Human Resources will re-evaluate the position. Where the evaluation of a position is unclear, Human Resources may seek further information on the position from the supervisor and/or the incumbent, including the completion of a Job Analysis Questionnaire

Where an employee believes that their position should be re-evaluated, but their supervisor refuses to submit an application to Human Resources, the employee may approach Human Resources directly for assistance in re-evaluating the classification of their position.

An appropriate form for submission of a reclassification request is available at

Human Resources will seek the advice of the supervisor of the work unit, including reasons why the work unit believes that the position should not be reclassified, prior to any evaluation of the position being finalised.