UNSW Capability and Development

To deliver the outcomes of UNSW Strategy 2025, a number of strategic capability-building initiatives are currently in development which will translate into exciting new learning programs and events to be launched throughout 2017. We are taking a bespoke approach to development, liasing directly with Faculities and Divisions to provide programs that suit the needs of the University.
This year the focus of UNSW Capability & Development is on programs that are key to enabling the 2025 vision including:
  • Building our leadership capability to undertake transformational change
  • Implementing our new performance framework, myCareer, and
  • Fostering a culture of that promotes and demonstrates our five UNSW Behaviours
Our calendar is currently being updated to ensure our courses and content are aligned with the University's needs and strategic direction. Course dates will continue to be updated over the next few months, so please check our website regularly for when these programs will be made available.

For specific enquiries, please email the team at peopleandculture@unsw.edu.au.

Featured Courses

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myCareer provides guidance and structure for employees and conversation leaders to discuss role expectations, careers, goals, development options and performance feedback.
UNSW Professional outlines the key UNSW Behaviours (Demonstrates Excellence, Drives Innovation, Builds Collaboration, Embraces Diversity and Displays Respect) and guides leadership in how to shape a successful culture to deliver the 2025 Strategy.

UNSW Capability and Development 2017 Calendar

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Workplace Change and the Enterprise Agreement   
  1. What is workplace change?
  2. Enterprise Agreement and its requirements for workplace change
  3. Difference between minor and major workplace change
  4. Workplace change process (with case studies)
  5. Redeployment and Retrenchment
All staff and managers interested in understanding how the Enterprise  Agreement fits with workplace change at UNSW
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Resilience at Work  
This workshop focuses on personal resilience strategies to assist individuals and teams experiencing change in their work environment.
Course Agenda:
  1. Understanding personal change and the change cycle
  2. Tools for developing a resilient mindset
  3. Coping under pressure and stress management
  4. Developing career resilience
  5. Strategies for dealing with an environment of ambiguity uncertainty
General Staff (Levels 1-9)
 10 Aug 2017


Leading Through Change  
Leading Through Change is a course designed for Leaders and Managers to allow them to manage their teams during a period of change.
Course Agenda:
  1. Key skills for leading change and managing teams
  2. High impact toolks: impact review, commitment curves, engagement and communication planning
  3. Leading with resilience: understanding resilience, styles & communication methods, change complexity assessment and risk identification
  4. Communicating in times of transition: setting realistic goals, avoiding pitfalls and driving action
Directors, Managers, Heads of School, Deans
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Partnering People Through Change  
Partnering People Through Change is designed for Leaders responsible for implementing change (e.g. Directors, Managers, Heads of School, Deans etc). Recommended for those conducting workplace change conversations with staff.
  1. Explains UNSW’s approach to consultation and people transition
  2. Provide information about leader’s roles in the Workplace Change process
  3. Provide guidance on how to deliver difficult messages
Directors, Managers, Heads of School, Deans

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 Unconscious bias e-learning  
Unconscious bias e-learning
The program consists of the following components:
Three Academy 30 minute e-learning units, covering:
How we think
  • A closer look at unconscious bias
  • Strategies for mitigating bias
  • Several Labs - Unconscious Knowledge Assessment modules (10 minutes each)

An optional Lab - Demographic Questionnaire (10 minutes)
You will also be provided with the following resources:
  • Unconscious Knowledge Report - a takeaway report with the results of your Unconscious Knowledge Assessments in an easy to digest format.
  • Toolkit - refer back to key insights at any time with your own handy guide.
  • Action Plan - an interactive document to help you use your newfound knowledge to design the master plan for mitigating bias in your workplace.
 UNSW Professional   The program involves learning from experiences from inside and outside UNSW via guest speakers at
Spotlight Sessions, and working in small groups
with peers to build networks and share best practice with each other.
This program is currently being trialled with professional leadership
 UNSW Spotlight  Series

- Sep 2017 -
'Embraces Diversity'

- Nov 2017 -
'Displays Respect'

   Invitation only

Resume Writing Skills  
UNSW has partnered with Directioneering, a specialist career management provider.
The workshop will help you build a stand-out resume and will cover the topics:
  • Creating a Targeted Resume
  • Resume Structure
  • Referees
  • The Writing Process
  • Communicating Your Value
  • Achievement Statements
  • What to Leave Out
All staff
  5 Sept 2017 


Interview Skills  
UNSW has partnered with Directioneering, a specialist career management provider.
The workshop will help you prepare for interviews and will cover the topics:
  • Purpose of interviews
  • Your preparation
  • Tell me about yourself/Value Proposition
  • Behavioural interviewing
  • Questions to ask at an interview
All staff
    12 Sept 2017