Performance Development Scheme


The introduction of a Performance Development Scheme (PDS) was described in 2009 by the University Council and Vice-Chancellor as an essential enabler to improve both University performance and achieve strategic priorities outlined in the B2B Blueprint to Beyond - UNSW Australia Strategic Intent.

In November 2013, the PDS documentation was reviewed to accommodate feedback from the UNSW Executive Team and the Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Committee (VCAC). The primary focus of the review was to simplify the process, reduce elements that encouraged over emphasis on form filling; and thereby enable a quality conversation to take place between a staff member and their reviewer. This documentation has been designed to support staff to engage in the PDS process in an informed manner.
In 2016, after extensive consultation, our President and Vice Chancellor launched the UNSW 2025 Strategy. This document clearly identifies a robust PDS system as central to the achievement of our strategy and is specifically relevant to the Enabler D1: People & Culture, Objective (3). "To foster a culture based  around the values and ethos of the University and the principles of diversity, inclusion, and UNSW as a performance-based meritocracy."

This set of FAQs has been developed to support staff and managers in preparing for and conducting a PDS conversation. The FAQs have been split into the following three sections: