Career Anchors

This is a tool developed by Edgar Schein (1978) which can be useful in helping you think about what you want out of your career, what your core values are, and what most satisfies you. You can obtain copies of this tool from People & Culture Development.
The following statements can also help you to determine your core motivations in the workplace.
1.  I love work in which I feel continually challenged.
2.  I prefer a job which allows me work/life balance
3.  I particularly value being able to develop my specialist skills.
4.  I love solving difficult problems.
5.  I prefer a job which provides me with security and stability
6.  I like to be my own boss.
7.  I love to organise others and be in charge
8.  I would love to build my own business
9.  I like a job which provides me with a sense of making a contribution to society.
10.  I like to be seen as the expert.
11.  I love a job which gives me autonomy and freedom to make my own decisions.
12.  My job is not as important to me as other aspects of my life
13.  I gain satisfaction from helping others
Which of the above statements resonate with you the most? Use these statement to have a discussion with your mentor, and develop some strategies which would help you achieve them.