Career Conversations

What is the workshop about

This program is designed to help participants to facilitate career conversations with staff.  A career development framework will provide the foundation for you to coach your employees and help them to clarify their strengths and opportunities for growth; identify future opportunities; and set a career direction and targets to meet their career goals. 

You will be asked to assess your own career and in doing so will practise coaching, reflection and exploration techniques that you can use with your staff. In preparation for the program, you will receive two career-preference questionnaires. Additionally, you will work with an assigned peer learning partner between workshops and explore your own career aspirations and practise new skills.
The techniques learnt during the workshops can be used ad hoc or to support your annual performance development discussions (PDS) with your staff. 

Key Content

  • The learning needs discussion
  • Techniques to assess career motivations; career strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and work/life balance aspirations
  • Methods to assess career preferences, career repositioning options, and potential roles and jobs
  • Career visioning and goal setting using the S.M.A.R.T. model
  • Approaches to reflective learning and celebrating achievements

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Use multiple tools, techniques and approaches for career conversations with staff
  • Describe key elements required for successful career conversations
  • Identify personal abilities, strengths and preferences as they relate to work and life for greater career resilience
  • Establish personal short, medium and long term career goals and plans
  • Evaluate and monitor career planning process

Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Suitable For: Heads of School, Centre Directors, and Deputy Heads of School/Centre Directors, Associate Deans, Professors and Professional staff Levels10-14.