Career Development Framework

Unprecedented workplace change over the past few decades has led to greater job mobility.  We can anticipate multiple jobs during our career and as such need to be aware of our career desires, our strengths, and alert to opportunities as they arise.  Clear career pathways and a new performance framework that includes career development opportunities, is included in the People & Culture enabler as part of the UNSW 2025 Strategy.
The Career Development Framework has been designed to enable:
  • Individuals to assess strengths and areas for development and growth, explore career preferences, set career goals and create a career plan.
  • Managers to use the framework to guide and coach their people, helping them to clarify their strengths and opportunities for growth;   identify future opportunities; and set a career direction and targets to achieve the  career  goals.

The Framework consists of a series of four (4) modules; each containing activities that encourage consolidation, reflection, and experimentation. The intention of the framework is to assist staff to discuss their development goals with their managers, or simply to be prepared when career opportunities arise.

The self-paced activities contained in the workbook include:
  • Module 1 - Self Appraisal
  • Module 2 - Exploration
  • Module 3 - Goals and Plans
  • Module 4 - Achievements and Reflections
 Click here to access the workbook

Depending on your level of experience and ease of recall in past achievements and future goals each module can take from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

There are a number of elements to successfully developing a career plan. It is recommended that you commence by conducting a self-appraisal. Then based on that explore what your career preferences are, where you are willing to sit on the career lattice and investigate role models and jobs that you think may suit you.
From there you can set some long term career goals and look at what short term and immediate goals will help you get there. Lastly, it is important to acknowledge our achievements, reflect on what you've learnt and where needed, re-assess and re-frame.
We recommend you go through each module in succession, to support your reflection both on your past, current and future focus with your career development.

Managers can also register to attend the Career Conversations Workshops we offer.

We look forward to supporting you in developing your career. If you have any questions, please contact your relevant faculty or divisional People & Culture Development Consultant.

Regards, People & Culture Development Unit