Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

What is the workshop about?

In this workshop we take a practical look at skills and strategies that you can employ to manage your emotional response to conflict and maximise your communication effectiveness.
This workshop assists in building skills and ability that supports a culture that embraces change and continuous improvement, in alignment with UNSW 2025 Strategy. Many everyday situations require us to negotiate things like work priorities or buying a car. This workshop will look at how to negotiate to get results and achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.
You will also be introduced to a behavioural style theory called DISC. This is a very practical framework which can provide insight into why it is that some relationships present a challenge. You will examine strategies to increase your effectiveness in building relationships.
Each participant will be given a unique log-in to complete a comprehensive DiSC workplace profile report.  This detailed report is an integral component of the workshop. It will provide you with insights into your natural preferences as a team member and communicator, how you may be perceived by others; and insights into strategies to increase your interpersonal effectiveness.

Key Content

  • Different approaches to conflict, including conflict spiral, and identifying healthy and unhealthy conflict
  • Reducing stress levels and building resilience
  • Managing emotions in conflict
  • Skills and strategies to ensure an assertive response
  • Definition and philosophy of Interest Based Negotiation
  • How to prepare effectively for a negotiation
  • Techniques to keep the negotiation on track and achieve closure
  • How to respond to resistance from others
  • The DISC behavioural style theory
  • Your personal influencing style
  • How to enhance your ability to listen, engage and respect each other's perspective

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance your communication skills in an engaging and respectful manner
  • Structure and express ideas and information in a clear, concise, and logical way
  • Actively listen for understanding
  • Give and receive constructive feedback
  • Apply preventative strategies to minimise the conflict spiral
  • Channel anxiety into a positive approach
  • Apply skills and strategies to increase your effectiveness in a negotiation
  • Negotiate with others to resolve issues
  • Describe your own behavioural style
  • Apply your knowledge of the DISC system to build rapport and strengthen your influencing skills

What have past participants said?

"A useful course for all staff members to encourage conflict resolution in the workplace"
"Learning about paraphrasing, I statement, behaviour styles (DISC), negotiation strategies to be applied on different behaviour styles.  My own behaviour style."

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (over 2 days)
Suitable for: All Academic & Professional Managers