Diary Sheets and Mentoring Agreements

Diary Sheet

A Diary Sheet can be used to record the meetings held and to document actions arising from mentoring meetings. These should be completed at the conclusion of the meeting. It is an excellent way to summarise the meeting and create action points for both the mentor and mentee to work on before the next meeting.
Click here for a Sample Diary Sheet Template (word)

Mentoring Agreement

A Mentoring Agreement provides a template for completion at the first mentoring meeting. It allows for boundaries to be discussed and goals to be set and recorded. While not aiming to stifle the possible flexibility or informality of the arrangement, it is important that both parties understand the parameters of the relationship. By using questions posed in the template, you should be able to create a shared understanding of how the relationship will work.
Establish a mentoring agreement by:
  • Determining length of relationship, frequency of mentoring sessions,confidentiality, roles and responsibilities
  • Discussing and clarifying expectations for both parties
  • Referring mentee to another person or terminate the relationship if mentee's needs are beyond mentor's expertise
  • Determining when and where you will meet, taking into account the need for confidentiality
  • Discussing and determining the purpose of the relationship.
Click here for a Sample Mentoring Agreement Template (word)