Facilitating Change in your Work Unit

What is the workshop about?

Are you currently, or planning on, implementing change in your work area? Do you want to know how to prepare yourself and your team for the change?
Do you know what reactions and behaviours to expect and how to effectively manage them? This workshop will introduce you to the theory and practice that informs change management and the tools and techniques to embed innovative practices into your work area.

Key Content

  • What underlies our reaction to change
  • Emotional and behavioural indicators of change reactions
  • Change management theories
  • Techniques and processes for implementing and managing successful change
  • Dealing with resistance to change

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Positively lead and facilitate organisation initiated change
  • Apply change models to your current work situation
  • Act as a role model for change and engage buy-in from others to drive the required change
  • Proactively communicate rationale for change to individuals and teams
  • Demonstrate a focus on continuous improvement and encourage others to look for opportunities for change
  • Identify strategies for working with resistance to change

What have past participants said?

“I learnt how to plan for future change more by having greater consultation”
“I will now ensure that a review of change is implemented”
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Suitable For: Academic and Professional Managers