Staff Tuition Fee Subsidy Initiative - Overview

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What is the Staff Tuition Fee Subsidy Initiative?

UNSW is committed to offering staff opportunities to further their education and grow their careers, as well as strengthening employee benefit offerings to ensure the university can retain and attract the very best talent.

As such, UNSW has introduced a Fee Subsidy Initiative for eligible staff to receive a 40% discount on tuition fees for courses and degrees run at UNSW. This initiative will initially be run as a 3-year pilot set to finish at the end of 2020. More information will be provided following evaluation of the success of the initiative.

For more detail on the program please review the FAQ’s and terms and conditions.

2020 Application Deadlines

Application deadlines* for staff to apply for the subsidy are;
Teaching Period Starts
Fee Subsidy Application Deadline
Summer term 2019-20
T1 2020
T2 2020
T3 2020

* To be eligible to receive the fee subsidy applications need to be submitted and approved by managers by 11.59pm AEST on the date of the application deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a tuition fee subsidy a staff member must:
  • Be a continuing full time or part time staff member who has successfully completed probation; or
  • Be a fixed term full time or part time staff member with at least 12 months of service prior to the application date and be expected to be employed by UNSW for at least the subsidised semester of study;
  • Be eligible to study whilst working as per their citizenship, residency or visa conditions; and
  • Not be subject to an active performance improvement plan.
  • The course being subsidised is relevant to the employee’s role and job description.

Before Applying

As the course being subsidised needs to be relevant to the employee’s role and job description, staff are required to complete a Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Declaration form and attach the signed form along with their application.

Example of FBT Declaration form for short and award courses.

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