Implementation Checklist

The following checklist is intended as a summary of some of the key principles already discussed, and as a quick reminder of some of the key steps to take in setting up a successful program
  • A clear need for mentoring has been established
  • There is ownership of the mentoring program from senior management, key stakeholders or a particular committee
  • There is sufficient funding/ administrative support for the program
  • There are sufficient mentees from our target group
  • There are sufficient internal or external mentors
  • The objectives for the program are clearly expressed and communicated to those involved
  • A clear and realistic timeframe has been set
  • Clear guidelines and expectations have been developed and communicated to all those involved in the program
  • Adequate training and support is available for both mentors & mentees
  • Ongoing management of the process to monitor progress
Download the above Checklist (pdf)