Leading & Managing Change

What is the workshop about

The education sector is currently experiencing change at a very rapid pace, due to both external and internal sector influences.  More than ever before, managers need to be able to lead and manage change in the workplace, through clear communication of the reason for change and be able to gain buy-in from staff in order to implement the change(s) required, to achieve organisational goals.
Creating organisational and personal change and dealing with resistance are examined.  A range of learning methodologies are used throughout the workshop, to ensure an interactive approach and provide participants with the opportunity to reflect on and apply a range of change management tools to their specific change needs.

Key Content

  • Different approaches to change and the roles people play
  • Core elements of a successful change strategy
  • Create a vision and urgency for change
  • Identify and manage ours and others response to change
  • Manage resistance to change
  • Practical tools to facilitate the change plan and implementation

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the different approaches and types of change
  • Identify the critical success factors underpinning successful change
  • Develop a vision and organisation's readiness for change
  • Describe and address your own and your team’s personal responses to change
  • Identify and manage resistance to change
  • Apply appropriate change tools and frameworks
  • Recognise the role of the leader in driving successful change

What past participants have said?

"I was familiar with a number of aspects of change management however the course gave a good summary of the breadth of issues that should be taken into account in a change project"
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Suitable for: Heads of School, Centre Directors, and Deputy Heads of School/Centre Directors, Associate Deans, Professors and Professional staff Levels10-14.