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Project Management
Project Management Course

The overarching objective for this training workshop is to assist participants in ‘thinking like a project manager’ and using tools and techniques for scoping and scheduling any project. There will also be some consideration of, and planning for, risk in projects, irrespective of the methodology and governance processes used.
When participants leave this one day workshop, they will be equipped with the tools to perform the following:
  • Ask and validate questions and responses related to scoping a project 
  • Physically scope a project Document the project scope to form the basis for baselining and creation of the project schedule 
  • Identify phases and milestones 
  • Break phases and milestones into manageable sized tasks that have the potential to be verified, agreed, quantified, allocated (resourced) and estimated 
  • Create appropriate relationships and dependencies between tasks to form a schedule 
  • Perform a basic risk assessment for a defined task and suggest appropriate treatment 
Time: 2 x half day course
Mode: Face to Face
Audience: All employees
Please note: When registering for the course you will be expected to attend both half day sessions