Mentoring is increasingly becoming a very widely used developmental activity in a broad range of organizations. There are number of perceived benefits of introducing mentoring programs into an organization.  


  • Develops a culture of learning excellence
  • Facilitates a sense of community
  • Provides the chance to make a difference to UNSW
  • Increases staff understanding of the UNSW culture
  • Leverages the strengths within the organisation
  • Provides a practical mechanism to retain and grow great staff
  • Improves communication across UNSW faculties and work units
  • Enhances delivery of service through a more informed, confident and skilled staff

For the mentee

  • Broadens your network
  • Reduces isolation
  • Increases self confidence
  • Increases ability to perform your role
  • Grows self awareness
  • Clarifies career direction
  • Progresses career goals
  • Develops skill & knowledge
  • Helps avoid making mistakes
  • Broadens understanding of organization & external environment

For the mentor

  • Develops leadership and mentoring skills
  • Provides an opportunity to contribute and a sense of satisfaction
  • Extends your networks
  • Raises your profile
  • Provides recognition of your skills and expertise
  • It is a chance to critically reflect on your current practice
  • Gains a broader perspective on UNSW issues
"The major benefit for me has been having someone to bounce ideas off and generally give me encouragement and confidence" - Anonymous mentee