Mind Mapping

A Mindmap is a diagram which is used to visually represent concepts, ideas or key words and their connections to sub ideas, concepts etc. It was developed by Tony Buzan in 1972, and is a fast and effective method for capturing and remembering vast amounts of information. As a tool for mentoring it can be used to effectively brainstorm ideas around your career development. As well as generating a whole range of possibilities, a mindmap can also allow you to see the situation differently.
Some general principles of mindmapping are as follows:
1. Place a coloured image in a circle or line in the centre of a page
2. Main ideas should branch off the centre and should be in different colours.
3. Main ideas should be in larger letters than secondary ideas.
4. Keep words to a minimum. Each word has an enormous number of associations, and this rule allows each one more freedom to link to other associations in your brain.
5. Where possible use images rather than words as this helps to develop a whole-brained approach, as well as making it much easier for your memory; a picture is, in this context, worth a thousand words.