Negotiation Skills

What is this workshop about

Effective leaders understand and practice working collaboratively with their teams, colleagues and managers.  They are skilled 'readers of the environment', and they are 'politically savvy'.  They are assertive communicators: they have the capacity to listen, to ask questions, and to be both firm and fair.  And they can inspire, influence and effectively negotiate.

Key Content

  • Elements of collaboration
  • Negotiation framework
  • Negotiation skills: listening, asking questiosn, handling emotions
  • Practice, practice, practice!

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and manage the emtional content of conversations
  • Apply assertive communication skills
  • Use the 'Harvard Seven Elements' framework for successful negotiation
  • Apply Convey's "circles of influcence and concern" to worksplace situations
  • Conduct successful workplace 'negotiation conversations'

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Suitable For: Academic and Professional Managers (Levels 10-14/C-E)