Strategic Thinking

What is the workshop about?

The ability to create and implement an operational plan is a key leadership and management skill. In today's fast moving, and ever changing world, it is more important than it has ever been; as the  political, social and economic landscape increasingly influences what we do and how we do it.
This course will introduce you to the skills and strategies required to create and implement a Strategic and Operational plan that is responsive and relevant. The course will also focus on challenges and solutions to ensure your department is engaged in the design and implementation of your plan.

Key Content

  • UNSW Planning Processes
  • The definition of strategic planning and how it relates to operational and individual work and development plans
  • A plain English framework for strategic thinking and operational planning
  • An understanding of a range of tools to assist in applying the framework
  • How to design the planning process, including environmental scanning, stakeholder analysis, goal development, key performance indicators, action planning and communication strategy
  • Resources management (budget, people development, staffing implications)
  • Tools to monitor and evaluate the plan
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Interpersonal skills to implement the plan and engage the team

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Develop strategic and operational plans
  • Set and communicate clear direction for individuals and teams
  • Use effective decision making skills & strategies for greater effect
  • Engage the team in the planning process
  • Develop a communication plan to inform and influence
  • Evaluate and monitor implementation of your plan

What have past participants said?

"Very enjoyable day. Has left me with food for thought on my unit's strategy development and implementation. Good to hear examples from other parts of UNSW."
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (over 2 days)
Suitable for:  Heads of School, Centre Directors, and Deputy Heads of School/Centre Directors, Associate Deans, Professors and Professional staff Levels10-14