Surveys and Templates

Surveys and Templates

This section provides you with some templates to assist in establishing a mentoring program or relationship. These tools include a tool to help profile both potential mentees and mentors as well as a template that you can use to call for expressions of interest in a mentoring program.

Expressions of interest (for potential mentees)

It is important to establish a need for a mentoring program, so using an expression of interest form will give you an indication of how many people are interested in your mentoring program. It will also give you an indication of the development needs of the mentees, so you can tailor the program accordingly, and will also allow you to match the mentees with appropriate mentors.

Profiling templates (for potential mentors)

If you are establishing a formal mentoring program and do not know the mentees or mentors well, or if you are using a matching process in which mentees are asked to choose their mentors, or nominate their preferences, profiling can be a very useful tool.
Profiling  is achieved  by asking both mentees and mentors to provide some strategic information about themselves which makes it easier to match them.
A profiling tool can be used find information about:
  • Leadership experience, strengths & weaknesses
  • Additional organisational knowledge or experience
  • Degree of experience in supervising or managing others
  • Research strengths
  • Level of motivation
For ease of use, profiling can be built into the application process . An example of profiling tools are as below.