Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create a job request in UniHire?
Anyone at UNSW is able to create a job request in UniHire (or act as a delegate for a Hiring Manager to create a job request), provided you have an approved position description and funding approval from your division / Faculty.

What types of jobs can I create in UniHire?
Currently, only fixed term and continuing positions are supported by UniHire. There is no change to the recruitment process for all other types of positions (e.g. casuals and contractors)

I want to recruit but I do not have a position. What do I do?
Work with your local HR Business Partnering team to create a position description, and ensure you have funding for the position (as per your current funding/budgeting process within you faculty or Division).
Once the position description has been approved, your local HR Business Partnering team will create the Position to enable it to appear in UniHire. You will receive an email notification confirming your position has been created, allowing you to then create a job request in UniHire.

I don’t have some of the information required when creating a job in UniHire. Can I progress the job request?
You do not need to complete every field in the Job Request within UniHire. Complete all mandatory fields and once submitted, a Talent Acquisition Consultant will contact you to help you finalise all details of the job when taking the job brief.

Can I do a nomination recruitment in UniHire?
Yes, the process is very similar to how you create a merit-based appointment. When creating the job request, you can enter the preferred candidate’s name in the nomination field within the Job card, and submit as normal.

What is the role of the Talent Acquisition Consultant?
Once a job request has been submitted in UniHire, a Talent Acquisition Consultant will reach out to the Hiring Manager to take a job brief, write the job ad and source and screen suitable applicants to present to the Hiring Manager for review.
Once a longlist of applicants has been determined by the Hiring Manager, the TA Consultant will organise logistics for interviews between Hiring Managers, the selection panel and candidates, and on completing interviews the TA Consultant will write the panel report. Once a suitable candidate has been identified, the TA Consultant in conjunction with the Hiring Manager and the HR Business Partnering team will finalise the offer and the TA Consultant will make the verbal offer to the candidate.

As a Hiring Manager, there are certain activities within the recruitment process I want to perform myself. Can I still perform these activities?
The Talent Acquisition team are here to reduce the administrative burden on Hiring Managers throughout the recruitment process, as well as help source and screen candidates. If you would like to be more involved in various activities, speak to your TA Consultant during the Job Brief meeting at the start of your recruitment process.

I need to fill a position for a very specific position, how will a Talent Acquisition Consultant be able to assist without deep subject matter expertise?
Each Faculty, the Divisions and UNSW Canberra has been allocated their own Talent Acquisition Consultant. Over time, your Talent Acquisition Consultant will get to know your Hiring Managers, the types of roles required and the best places to source candidates. When taking a job brief, the Talent Acquisition consultant will ask the Hiring Manager what types of candidates they are looking for and the best places to source candidates for these positions.

As a Hiring Manager, can I request my Talent Acquisition Consultant to filter out all unsuitable applicants so I don’t have to?
Yes, at the Job Brief with your TA Consultant, you can ask them to reject unsuitable applications, based on an agreed criteria. Alternatively, a Hiring Manager can request to view all applications received for a job.

With the introduction of UniHire, how will a Hiring Manager review applications?
A Hiring Manager and Panel Members can review applicants within UniHire, or the Talent Acquisition Consultant can send the Hiring Manager all applications within a new tabulated PDF.

Will there be any improvements for candidates?
Yes, UniHire introduces a new Jobs@UNSW website as well as an entirely revamped offer, acceptance and onboarding experience. On verbally accepting an offer, the preferred candidate will receive an email with a link to a New Starter Portal, where they can view and digitally accept the offer, provide additional information (such as superannuation and tax information) and have access to a brand new onboarding website with information on UNSW, getting around, staff benefits and so on. Candidates will also have a tasklist with activities they need to complete before and after their first day.

Are there any training materials online for UniHire?
Yes, Quick Reference Guides and FAQs have been published on the new Recruitment page on the HR website. Access our eLearning course for Hiring Managers (including system simulations). The enrolment key is Unihire.