For Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers

Know the process and your responsibilities in recruiting staff to UNSW.

This page provides Information on how to recruit and onboard all employment types at UNSW.

Continuing and Fixed Term Employment
Continuing and fixed term appointments are initiated in UniHire and are supported by UNSW’s own Talent Acquisition (TA) team. The process to recruit a continuing or fixed term appointment is as follows:

Prepare to Recruit Commence Recruitment Interview & Selection Prepare to Hire
• To recruit for an existing position, a Hiring Manager can raise a request straight in UniHire, attaching the relevant Position Description (PD).

• For new positions, a Hiring Manager will work with their local HR rep to create / update the PD.

• A HR rep will ensure all apropriate appovals have been received and create a new position in PIMS.
• A Hiring Manager will create the job request in UniHire, UNSW's brand new recruitment system powered by the PageUP platform.
• Once approved, a TA Consultant will contact the Hiring Manager to develop a job brief and write the job ad.
• The TA Consultant will then post the job ad across all agreed mediums.
• The TA Consultant will monitor applications, shortlisting suitable candidates, sending their CV's to the Hiring Manager for review.
• The TA Consultant will arrange interviews and logistics between the Hiring Manager and canditates.
• Hiring Manager conducts interviews and selects a suitable candidate.
• Once a suitable candidate has been selected, the TA consultant will conduct background checks and seek final approvals.
• Your HR Business Partnering team will develop the offer letter and the TA consultant will send the offer letter to the preferred candidate.
• The TA consultant will also inform unsuccessful candidates of the outcome.

Please ensure you are familiar with the Merit Based Recruitment and Selection Procedure prior to commencing the recruitment process.

Nominations and Direct Appointments
In limited circumstances, an individual may be nominated or directly appointed into a position without going through the entire recruitment process. In this instance, please follow the Nomination and Direct Appointment Procedure.

Please note that nominations and direct appointments are a form of fixed term appointment.

Casual Appointments
The recruitment of casual employees is managed outside UniHire and does not require the involvement of the Talent Acquisition Team. UNSW’s Casual Recruitment Procedure outlines minimum requirements and guidelines for recruiting casuals, consistent with principles of merit based selection.

Once a casual employee has been sourced, the Hiring Managers will need to complete the following relevant form to ensure the casual employee is provided all necessary IT and security access:
Casual Academic Offer of Employment: Casual Academic Staff (HR63)
Casual Professional Offer of Employment: Casual Professional Staff (SAL11)

Contractor Appointments
Hiring Managers are required to engage the Talent Acquisition team in the first instance with details of their contractor recruitment needs, and the Talent Acquisition will liaise will external agencies on the Hiring Manager’s behalf.
The engagement of independent contractors is managed through the University's financial management procedures. For more information, see Engaging Independent Contractors and Consultants, and complete the Form for Contractor and Short Term Academic Visitor (OSA02).
The engagement of Agency staff should be conducted in accordance with the Procedure for Engaging Agency Staff.  Prior to utilising this type of arrangement, consider whether the work needed could be met through another form of employment, such as a fixed term employment contract or a casual employee.

Conjoints, Visitors and Others
The conferral of an academic title (i.e. Adjunct, Conjoint, Honorary or Visiting Academic) is covered by the Conferring Academic Titles Procedure. To seek approval for the conferral and formalise the engagement, a Request to Confer an Academic Title (HR20) must be completed and submitted to the UNSW Salaries team