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UNSW has introduced a brand new recruitment system, UniHire, based on the PageUp platform.

UniHire is a cloud-based, mobile friendly system that will replace PiMs for all recruitment activities, and will introduce a more user friendly interface for Hiring Managers. UniHire is a fit for purpose system used by many large organisations across the world, including higher education institutions.
Mobile Icon UniHire will be used by Hiring Managers for raising job requests and managing applicants, with a simple, mobile friendly interface.
PC Icon UniHire will assist the Talent Acquisition team with powerful analytics, reporting and job search capabilities to assist in finding the best talent.
Hands icon The induction and onboarding process will be streamlined through the New Starter Portal within UniHire, dramatically enhancing the experience for new hires.
Globe Icon 25% of ASX500 companies and 2 out of 3 Australian universities use the PageUp platform for recruitment.
UniHire is currently only available for the recruitment of fixed term and continuing staff.

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Closely linked with UniHire is Position Management, an enhancement to PiMs which changes how data is captured on employees at UNSW.

Position Management has introduced a reporting structure within the University, defined by positions with associated attributes. Employees will occupy one (or more) positions and will inherit the attributes of that position (e.g. title, reporting line, grade/level/step, location etc.).

Previously, our HR system defined the organisation by each individual employee. If an employee changed role or left the university, the entire organisation structure is broken and the data for that position is lost. This data then needed to be re-entered during recruitment.

With Position Management, every employee within UNSW has been assigned a unique Position Number (separate to z I.D.) and a Position Title for every position they currently occupy.

With Position Management, if a Hiring Manager needs to recruit for a position in their team that is currently (or soon to be) vacant, they can initiate the recruitment process directly in UniHire and search for the particular position in the UniHire position database. Once selected, all attributes of the existing position will be pre-populated, avoiding the need to re-enter this information and dramatically streamlining the recruitment process.

If a Hiring Manager needs to recruit for a new position that does not currently exist in their team, they will need to work with their local HR team to create a Position Description (PD). Once the PD has been approved, the local HR team will create a new position in PiMs to enable the Hiring Manager to commence the recruitment process in UniHire.

For more information on Position Management in the recruitment process, please contact your local HR team rep.