Relocation FAQs

Is there a time limit in which I must spend my relocation assistance?
Yes.  All invoices must be paid and/or claims for reimbursement must be made within 12 months of your official commencement date with UNSW.
Does UNSW have any preferred relocation suppliers that can assist me with my move?
Yes.  UNSW has engaged Grace Mobility as its preferred relocation service provider. Grace Mobility offers a range of services including relocation of household/personal/office effects; pet relocation and home/school searches. Your Human Resources representative will advise you of required next steps, and the details of our Grace Mobility representative, once they are in receipt of your signed letter of offer and relocation assistance agreement.
Can I arrange for my own relocation and be reimbursed by UNSW?
No.  UNSW has engaged Grace Mobility as the preferred relocation supplier and as part of this agreement the University has negotiated preferred rates.  Your UNSW Human Resources representative should contact Grace Mobility and advise them of your relocation.  Grace Mobility will contact you after this to discuss your specific needs and how these can be accommodated within your allowance.
If I do not use my relocation assistance in full, will UNSW pay me the balance?
No.  All expenditure relating to your relocation must be substantiated with tax invoices and/or receipts for reporting and tax purposes.
Can I purchase new furniture and whitegoods with my relocation assistance?
No. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) does not list the purchase of new furniture and whitegoods as eligible relocation items that are exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax. As outlined in the UNSW Relocation Guidelines, your relocation assistance can only be put towards eligible relocation items, as defined by the ATO.
What items can I claim reimbursement for?
A list of eligible relocation items is set out here
Will UNSW increase my relocation allowance if my relocation exceeds the amount provided?
No. The relocation assistance provided is not intended to cover all costs associated with your move, but instead is intended to provide you with some relief from the financial burden faced. In determining the relocation assistance provided to you, the University will consider your personal circumstances (including your family situation), the distance of your move, and the work unit’s budget.
How will UNSW administer the relocation assistance made available to me?
You can elect to receive your allocated relocation assistance in one of the following ways:
  • Direct payment - UNSW can pay pre-approved invoices on your behalf, within the agreed limits of your relocation assistance. This can be particularly useful for large payments such as the costs of relocating your personal/office belongings. 
  • Reimbursement - UNSW can reimburse you for eligible relocation expenses, upon commencement and production of original receipts, within the agreed limits of your relocation assistance.
  • Some combination of the above.
Who will be responsible for arranging my flight(s)?
You can either:
  • book and pay for your flight personally, and submit an original receipt for reimbursement upon your commencement with UNSW, or
  • ask your Human Resources representative to have your flights arranged by your work unit, via one of the University’s preferred travel agents. The University will pay for the airfares directly and deduct the total amount spent from your relocation assistance amount.
Any flight arranged must be one-way, economy class via the most cost effective route, unless otherwise agreed by the Head of School or Divisional Head.