Advertising Strategy

The Hiring Manager should also prepare a job advertisement, and consider the following when deciding on an advertising strategy 
  • Should the position be advertised internally or externally?
  • Where is the most appropriate place to advertise? Where you think your candidates might be looking for roles?
  • How long will I need to keep the advert open to attract candidates?
  • How much budget do I have to advertise?
  • Have I seen any recent examples of advertising that worked well within my work unit/Faculty that I might be able to use for this campaign?
  • Are any of the competitors currently advertising for, or have just recruited, a similar role (may limit the pool of candidates available)?

Job advertisement

Human Resources will arrange internal and external advertising in collaboration with UNSW Marketing. Job advertisements should include a local contact for any queries related to the position, who is responsible for responding to all enquiries from potential applicants during the advertising period.

Managing applications

All applications are submitted to Recruitment via our online recruitment portal, PiMs. All selection committee members will have access to view the applications as they are recieved into the system.  Any applications received directly by the Hiring Manager should be forwarded to Recruitment for upload into the online system.  Late applications will not be accepted unless:
  • Recruitment is advised of a new application closing date; or
  • a late application is pre-arranged with the Contact Officer.