Pre-employment Screening and Verification of Qualifications

Pre-employment screening and verification of qualifications is arranged by Human Resources. (See the minimum requirments section)

Offer Of Employment

All offers of employment must be made in writing by Human Resources to ensure compliance with appropriate industrial instruments and other employment obligations. While the Presiding Member may communicate to an applicant that they are the preferred candidate following interviews, under no circumstances should anyone other than HR make an offer of employment (including verbal offers).
If the applicant seeks variations to their letter of offer, Human Resources must be advised and included in the negotiation process. Approved variations will be incorporated in a revised offer of employment prepared and issued by Human Resources.
If the preferred candidate does not accept the offer of employment, the Presiding Member should consider whether an offer should be made to any other applicants eligible for appointment, following reference checks and any pre-employment screening.

Visa and Work rights

The successful candidate must have the appropriate work rights before commencing employment with UNSW. Whilst we encourage any candidates who feel they meet the selection criteria and have the relevant skills and experience required, to apply, we are unable to automatically provide a working visa for all candidates should they not already have working rights in Australia.
Whilst in some instances this may be possible, this is dependent upon the specific role and the requirements around working visa’s as set by the Australian government (see: for further details). UNSW does not guarantee any form of visa assistance and this is assessed on a case by case basis.