Offer & Appointment

Who Should Make the Offer

The Presiding Member of the Selection Committee may wish to advise the successful candidate that they are the "preferred applicant" and advise that "HR will be in contact shortly to make a formal offer". The Presiding Member, however, is not to commit the University to an appointment or a specified salary.
Your HR Consultant/Officer will make the official verbal offer, negotiate salary and start date, and follow this up with the formal written offer.  For senior appointments, the Presiding Member may make the offer of appointment following consultation with the Director of Human Resources.

Deciding on the Salary

Applicants may be advised that the salary will be within the advertised range.  The manager/supervisor should liaise with their HR Consultant/ Officer on the salary to be offered to the successful applicant that fall within the parameters of the UNSW Enterprise Agreements (academic staff salary rates and professional staff salary rates - 35hpw and 38hpw).
For senior appointments, the manager/supervisor should discuss the remuneration package with the Director of Human Resources.

Formal Offer - Letter of Appointment

Once all matters relating to the offer (ie. salary, commencement date etc) have been negotiated, your HR Consultant/HR Officer will send the formal offer or letter of appointment to the successful applicant.
The letter of appointment will include details of the agreed remuneration package and any special conditions.
The appointee must accept the offer in writing before commencing employment at UNSW. The signed letter of appointment is returned to the HR Consultant/HR Officer.
It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that the successful appointee is eligible to work in Australia. If the manager/supervisor has any concerns about the eligibility, then they may request a copy of a valid work visa or residency information before commencement. For assistance in obtaining the necessary work permits, contact your HR Consultant/Officer