Minimum Requirements

External search agencies

Recruitment manages the engagement of all external recruitment agencies and acts as the central point of contact with them. All requests to engage external recruitment companies should be directed to Recruitment.

Eligibility to apply

Only current continuing, fixed-term and casual UNSW employees (including UNSW Canberra and UNSW Global) are eligible to apply and be considered for positions advertised as ‘Internal Applicants Only’.

Academic promotion and recruitment

The University has an established process for promoting academic staff through the various academic levels, as set out in the Academic Promotions Policy and Procedure. Accordingly, current academic staff should not be appointed to an academic position that is above their current academic level, except as follows:
In other exceptional circumstances, a Dean may seek approval to appoint at a higher level from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

Conflict of interest

In accordance with the UNSW Conflict of Interest Policy, each person involved in the recruitment process, particularly the Selection Committee, should consider whether there is any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest. This may include a business, personal or familial relationship with an applicant. If any person involved in the recruitment process identifies such a conflict, they must declare it to the Presiding Member.
If a conflict of interest is declared, the Presiding Member should, in consultation with the Selection Committee, determine an appropriate method for managing the conflict, including deciding whether the member should step down from the committee. If the member remains on the Selection Committee, their views should be canvassed last.
Selection Committee members are encouraged to discuss any conflict of interest matters with Human Resources.  

Reference Checks

Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements for reference checks for both internal and external applications are set out below. Additional written references, either before or after the interview may be requested.
Academic and Professional Staff
2 essential references, 3 recommended
May be verbal or written (verbal preferred)
All reference check documentation must be available to all members of the Selection Committee. Verbal reference checks must be documented in writing and summarise the key points of the discussion. An offer of employment will not be made in the absence of reference check documentation.

Reference from current or recent manager

For all positions (internal and external), a reference should be obtained from a person who has directly managed the applicant within the past 2 years. If an applicant does not include their current or most recent manager as a referee, the applicant should be asked for permission to contact them. If there are good reasons for not contacting a current or recent manager (e.g. the person is external and this manager is not aware of the application), the Selection Committee should discuss another suitable person to provide a reference and seek the applicant’s consent.


Only referees nominated by the applicant should be contacted for a reference. Permission will be deemed to have been given where referee contact details are listed on the application. Applicants should be consulted before approaching alternative or additional referees.

Pre-employment checks and verification of qualifications

The University has a mandatory pre-employment checking scheme. UNSW has identified key positions of risk and included mandatory checking requirements for those positions. A full list of these positions and the checks required are set out in the Pre-employment Checking Matrix.
The University has appointed an external provider to conduct these checks, and they will be organised through HR at the time of recruitment. The checks must be conducted and completed before the person can commence employment.

Minority reports

A minority report should clearly set out the reasons why the decision was not unanimous. It should also specify if merit based selection has not been followed.
Minority reports will be considered by the Director, Human Resources (or Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) if the Director Human Resources is on the Selection Committee) for professional staff positions or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) (or the Vice-Chancellor if the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) is on the Selection Committee) for academic positions. 

Eligibility list

If more than one employee is found to be appointable, an eligibility list can be created, which is valid for 12 months. If a vacancy occurs for the same or similar position within this period, an applicant on the eligibility list may be offered the position without the need for a further recruitment process.
However, the Hiring Manager is not obliged to appoint from the eligibility list and can decide to conduct a further recruitment process at his/her discretion. If a person is appointed directly from the eligibility list, the individual will be considered to have been appointed through a merit based selection process.