Roles And Responsibilities

Hiring Manager

The Hiring Manager is the person who is responsible for identifying the recruitment need and initiating recruitment. The Hiring Manager will act as the main point of contact during the recruitment process. The Hiring Manager is responsible for ensuring that:
  • recruitment is conducted in accordance with approved staffing plans
  • funds are available to cover the costs of the position
  • an accurate position description is prepared
  • pre-employment screening requirements including working with children checks are identified
  • the recruitment and selection strategy is appropriate
  • a Presiding Member is appointed in accordance with this Procedure

Contact Officer

The contact officer is the person who has a thorough understanding of the challenges and constraints of the position, the key relationships and the direct work environment of the role. It is common for the Hiring Manager to also be the Contact Officer. The Contact Officer is responsible for:
  • receiving and responding to all enquiries from potential applicants during the advertising and selection process
  • referring enquiries to Recruitment or the HR Consultant, where appropriate (e.g. queries regarding recruitment process)

Presiding Member

The Presiding Member is the person responsible for ensuring the principles of merit based selection are upheld throughout the selection process.  The Presiding Member should be appointed in accordance with composition requirements at Attachment A. The Presiding Member is responsible for ensuring that:
  • a Selection Committee is established in accordance with the appointment steps and Attachment A
  • all members of the Selection Committee have equal opportunity to participate in the selection process
  • actual, perceived and potential conflicts of interest are managed appropriately
  • minimum reference check requirements are conducted for the preferred applicant(s) in accordance with the recruitment rules section.
  • the qualifications of the preferred applicant are verified in accordance with the steps in the minimum requirements section.
  • the appointment of the preferred applicant is approved in accordance with the Register of Delegations
  • unsuccessful interviewees are notified and provided with feedback where requested
  • confidentiality is maintained throughout the selection process

Selection Committee

It is the role of the Selection Committee to fairly assess the merits of each applicant and recommend the best applicant for appointment. Each member of the Selection Committee is responsible for:
  • assessing the merits of each applicant against the selection criteria
  • declaring any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest
  • attending interviews of all interviewees
  • recommending successful applicants for appointment
  • maintaining confidentiality throughout the selection process

Human Resources Consultant

It is the role of the Human Resources Consultant to provide advice on recruitment procedure and make offers of employment. The Human Resources Consultant is responsible for:
  • approving the position description
  • determining the position salary classification for professional staff
  • arranging advertising
  • arranging pre-employment screening and verification of qualifications
  • issuing offers of employment
  • ensuring appointments have been approved in accordance with the Register of Delegations
  • providing advice on this procedure


Recruitment is a central resource in Human Resources which provides specialist recruitment advice and administrative support. For senior positions, Recruitment may provide a higher level of service by coordinating the recruitment process. UNSW Recruitment is responsible for:
  • advertising
  • receiving and managing job applications
  • responding to applicant enquiries regarding the recruitment process
  • referring enquiries to the nominated Contact Officer where appropriate
  • notifying applicants not shortlisted for interview
For recruitment for senior appointments, Recruitment may also be responsible for:
  • arranging advertising including drafting advertisement content
  • establishing a Selection Committee in accordance with the steps in the selection section and and Attachment A
  • coordinating all interview arrangements
  • requesting and arranging references of shortlisted applicants