Types of Agency Engagement

Hiring a Temp

UNSW has an Agency Labour Hire Agreement in place with various recruitment agencies to assist us with filling any temporary roles. This agreement has set rates and terms of engagement already negotiated, under which the agencies will operate.
Managers are able to access the list of recruitment agencies on the Agency Labour Hire Agreement here  and can make contact with any of these agencies directly or can contact Recruitment to assist with the engagement process.
Only agencies on the Agency Labour Hire Agreement should be used to hire a temp at UNSW.

Engaging an agency to assist with a permanent position

When a role is identified as being ‘hard to fill’ due to it being specialist in nature or it is known that the market is weak for candidates that you are seeking, it can be a good idea to seek assistance from a recruitment agency to source candidates on your behalf.
We can engage an agency to assist with permanent positions in two ways, exclusively (sometimes referred to as ‘retained’) or non-exclusively (‘non’- retained’ or contingent).
Engaging an agency on an exclusive basis means that one agency only, will manage the entire recruitment process. Payment is made to the agency from the beginning of the engagement process and is usually paid in 3 instalments until the offer stage. It is the exclusive agencies responsibility to ensure they source quality candidates that are suitable to take through for shortlisting and interview by us. However, engaging an agency exclusively means we are unable to advertise and source our own roles independent of this process and any candidates we might come across through our own networks will be put into the process and we will still be paying the agreed agency fees.
Engaging an agency on a non-exclusive basis means that we can use several agencies if we chose, in addition to running our own advertising campaign, to source candidates. When engaging an agency non-exclusively, the agency will generally provide a shortlist of suitable candidates to us by an agreed date. If we make an offer of employment and it is accepted, for an agency candidate, only then will a fee be payable to the recruitment agency.
There are currently no restrictions as to the agencies that can be engaged to assist with permanent roles, however please notify your HR Consultant or Recruitment prior to engaging an agency for any permanent positions.

Undertaking an Executive Search

An executive search is sometimes undertaken for permanent senior roles or niche roles whereby it is obvious from the outset that the available candidates in the market will mostly be passive candidates who will expect to be approached for roles by executive search firms, and will not necessarily be looking for opportunities themselves. Executive search is more commonly used at UNSW for senior Academic positions.
Executive search fees can be quite substantial and the process will generally take a little longer than a standard recruitment process.
Please notify your HR Consultant or Recruitment prior to engaging an executive search firm to assist with any roles requiring this sourcing process.